About Sepang Goldcoast

Yesterday was the first time I’ve ever blogged. And since then, there were many comments and positive remarks. So I decided since most of the comments were “where is this Sepang Goldcoast”, I’ve decided to devote an entire posting on Sepang Goldcoast (SGC).

I’ve already written about the historical facts on SGC. So you can now probably visualise a flotilla of ships, cruising by and laden with unspeakable treasures or spices. This is the Straits of Malacca for you.

The drive there is interesting. You can see many old pre-war shophouses along the way and if time permits, do stop by any of the coffeeshops for a cuppa. It’s really different from the ones you find in KL and cheaper too!

I’ll be attaching a few more photos and describe them here.

These are the sort of crabs you will see during low tide.
These are the sort of crabs you will see during low tide.

I’m not certain what sort of crabs these are but they are a sight to behold. Then there are even more colourful ones – greenish, bluish and purplish shells.

This is what makes SGC the ideal destination for my children. Instead of wasting time at home on the Internet or playstation – a trip to watch nature’s magnificence is truly rewarding!

I’ve also mentioned about the hydroball and flying fox. These are some of the activities SGC has in store as part of their ‘boot camp’ activities. SGC is targeting corporate clients for team-building purposes.

Apart from scampering around in the hydroball on the lake, you may take a leisurely paddle on the pedal-boat built for two. It’s not the main highlight but if you do pedal around eveningtime, you can feel the cool sea-breeze on your face, hear birds chirping and discern insect sounds. And if you keep quiet for awhile – you can even hear the tall trees whispering the secrets of the long gone voyagers.

Glen with our maid pedalling for what it's worth!
Glen with our maid pedalling for what it's worth!
My camera phone doesn't do justice to the sunset at all
My camera phone doesn't do justice to the sunset

For dinner, you have a choice. Eat at the dining outlets at SGC – Sunset Beach Restaurant or Steamboat Restaurant. Or try the local fare nearby. Both are equally good. However, I prefer dining at the Sunset Beach Restaurant as they have fine dining selection and great wines to choose from! Plus – the ambience, the soft music and the panaromic view of the sea is priceless!

At the Steamboat restaurant – well, steamboat is what they serve. But check out the small stalls outside where they serve authentic Malay food like Ikan bakar, Sotong bakar, Kerang bakar. If Uncle Johnny reads this he’ll comment “Crazy squid, crazy fish, crazy shellfish’. BAKA is Japanese for crazy or idiotic! Heeheee!

The traditional Malay and Chinese desserts are mouth-watering. Heck – wish I was there now!

My favourite all time dining outlet
My favourite all time dining outlet

The landscaped garden is marvellous. I remember taking several nice photos but for the life of me – I think I’ve deleted them from my SD card!


12 thoughts on “About Sepang Goldcoast

  1. Sotong has been synonymous for blur, thus blur sotong or blur as a sotong …. but in Japan, when people call you “tako” (or octopus) then, they are referring to you as … blur too. hehe

  2. wooo… sunset beach seems perfect for my hubby’s b’day celeb!!! hehe… by the way, can u recommend a place or two for an overnight stay… tq!!!

  3. oh yeah, can u tell me how much an average dinner would cost pls? working around a rather ‘tight’ budget… sorry n thanks again:)

    1. Hi Yenna. I sent you an email. The average dinner for two (Steamboat dinner) would cost roughly RM50 or less for a couple (two persons). The dinner at the Sunset Restaurant is slightly pricier as it is fusion food. If you are more adventurous, and prefer to dine in a village setting – head for Tanjung Sepat, about 20km away from Goldcoast. There – you will find a variety of restaurants offering really really fresh seafood. Crab meehoon (big crabs!) RM30. Mantis prawn (big huge ones) RM40. I recommend these two for a couple as I doubt you can finish them anyway!

  4. hey thr, thanks for ur reply k. but, can u pls resend d email to XXXXXXX instead?? i gave u d wrong email address, i think i got too excited, yeesh… :p
    thx a lot ya…

  5. hi, i more interesting of sgc sunset beach restaurant, how the food there,coz mayb will bring my parent going there have a dinner…and around how much the price of their food? need reserve b4 going there?

    1. Dear Sue,

      The food at the Sunset Beach Restaurant is quite ok. Fusion food style. It can be rather pricey, depending on what you order. But bear in mind that the ambiance is incredible. Try this:

      Kindly contact the restaurant for the menu and booking details as it is now part of the Golden Palm Tree Resort.

      Phone: 03-3142 2034 – SGC Sunset Beach Restaurant
      Phone: 03-3141-1572 – Golden Palm Tree Resort

      There are other alternatives outside of the resort, namely traditional Malay food which are quite delicious.

  6. Hi Markkay, I tried calling the SGC Sunset Beach Restaurant for reservation, but my 1st attempt they hung up on me. I tried calling them back because I thought my phone had a problem, but it seems to me they’re doing it on purpose, Because as soon as I called the second time, a guy picked up and immediately say, “Kejap lagi aku call kau balik!” (I’ll call you back later!) But in a rude tone. Then he hung up.

    This shouldn’t be happening. With that treatment, not gonna go there, I guess.

    1. Hi Belle…. I sympathize with you. You are not the only one. I heard the service sucks big time. If this continues, I fear the resort will lose all the good publicity it has painstakingly built. And as for me – that’s also one of the reason I will blog on Sepang Goldcoast anymore. It’s a management issue.

  7. hey may i know which restaurant is taking over sunset beach restaurant now? really hope to dine in at the wooden deck

    1. Hi Peter. I have no idea which restaurant has taken over the Sunset Beach Restaurant as I have not been there for over two years after a disagreement with the Company. Sorry – can’t help you there.

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