What’s Feng Shui?
If you’re Asian, you’d certainly know what Feng Shui is. Nowadays, even many Westerners know and practice Feng Shui. Very briefly – Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment.

Believer or non-believer?
Well, that depends entirely on how you view it. Personally, I’m not the kind of person who would want to tear down a door and build another one is an “auspicious” direction. Nor do I fancy placing various Feng Shui objects like lucky horse, prosperity frog and the like in “auspicious” locations in my house.

Initially, I treated Feng Shui with a pinch of salt. Couldn’t really be bothered with it. But after moving into my new abode in Setia Alam, and getting my cousin Alex Tan to harmonize the Feng Shui of my house – I’m beginning to be a believer.

Of course, I still don’t go around placing fancy objects everywhere. Alex practices a very down-to-earth Feng Shui system that does not require you to do massive renovation or buying very expensive stuff – except when there’s no other alternative. All these are dependent on your Ba Zi, your birth details, your age, gender, direction of your house and many many more. To be honest, it’s more rocket science to me!

But it does work and it really does
My Cousin Alex calculated my Ba Zi days before coming to my house. He’s very organized and fastidious about doing “homework” first prior to visiting my house. He just made certain adjustments to my working table, where I should be seated and facing which direction. He also mentioned certain important things that ought to be done, like sleeping facing a given direction and ensuring I keep the porch light on all day long.

And it did work.

Initially, I was skeptical but I saw the positive results happening. My workload is more now, equating to better… well, you know what. I sleep better now too, having had to suffer from insomnia for years in the other house I stayed for nearly 8 years.Suffice to say, I can see and enjoy positive results which I never thought was possible.

There are “masters” and there are Masters
Alex Tan had been studying Feng Shui for more than 20 years now, developing his personal and proven system in the process. I can safely say he is indeed a Feng Shui Master. He has no airs about him and he speaks his mind because telling the truth is all about him and Feng Shui.

He doesn’t need to advertise nor does he need to brandish a title like “Master”. And yes, he is very passionate about Feng Shui.

If you wish to engage his services, please contact him at:

ALEX TAN – 011 2030 3506

Speak with him, share your problem truthfully and you’ll get a genuine response and positive outcome.




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