Dr David Mun is operating from Chinatown

Dear Readers,

Sorry for not being able to post anything for the past few months. Been very very busy in my work.

Dr David Mun is currently operating from Petaling Street (Chinatown) and you can make appointments by calling the Medical Hall at 0320783229. Thanks to Chee Mun who replied me with the contact number.

Another wonder reader, Clarice wrote this:
Hi, Mark and Al Abdul. I tried calling the number but no one picking up. My hubby went and check out the place. The hawker stall uncle told him that Dr David Mun has shifted to Petaling Street. Somewhere along the same row of shops as the Mata Kucing Longan drink stall. It’s another Chinese herbal medicine shop called Tim Fatt or Chin Fatt (not sure of spelling as the hawker stall owner was very reluctant to entertain my hubby). I will check it out soon and update everyone here. Mark, thanks so much for your kindness and generosity of sharing such useful information here. I am also a strong believer in alternative medicine/treatment. Grateful for your blog!


Another reader, Chee Mun updated regarding Dr David Mun’s location:

Kien Fatt Medical Store
No 59, Jalan Petaling
opposite 4Eyed salted duck😋

Thanks, Chee Mun!

I’ve also recently found a chiropractor/bone setter in Seremban. He’s really very good and when I was there, he treated a young man who was having bad headaches and waning eyesight. Now, you may be curious what has bones got to do with eyes and headaches. The answer is, according to the chiropractor – some of our bones protrude, covering the many thousands of nerves, veins and meridian points.

This young man, in particular – had a bone pressing onto the nerves, exerting pressure onto them. Immediately after treatment and hearing numerous bone cracking sounds, the young man reported that his vision had significantly improved.

All you ladies out there, if you’re suffering from Cervical spondylosis (neck arthritis) – don’t worry. The chiropractor can help. I’ve lost his number but I’ll definitely update along with his number in my next post.


6 thoughts on “Dr David Mun is operating from Chinatown

  1. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the update. And also thanks to Chee Mun who has been so kind to update us the latest info. My father is suffering from backache. Since you’ve lost the seremban chiropractor’s number, I think I will bring my dad to see the Sea Park Qi gong healer that you’ve recommended at the end of this month when they come visiting. I am planning to bring my mom to David Mun for her gastric and dizziness problems. Your blog has been extremely helpful.

    We do have a lot in common. I am also from Segamat, a Buddhist who practises meditation like you and a strong believer in alternative medicines. I used to have good contacts like you too but sadly all 3 of them have passed away. I was excited to stumble upon your blog! Very grateful for your work!

  2. Hi, do you have other chinese doctor recommendations besides Dr David Mun? It is very difficult to book an appointment with him as he only work once a week. Thanks.

  3. Hi, I went to look for Dr. David Mun yesterday ( Monday) but there was only a Dr. Kwan there. What are days Dr. David Mun there in Kien Fatt, Petaling Street? Been reading about how wonderful he is on your site. Thanks.

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