THE GRIND Section 17 PJ: Grinding the best burgers that’s sure to tantalise your tastebuds

These days, I get sick of nearly everything. Yes, sick of the weather. The traffic, the way some people drive and mostly – the food. I mean, I’m not stingy. When it comes to food, I demand value. I think that’s natural because we always demand the best for what our money can buy.

I get sick of the Chinese fast food easily. When I think of fried rice, noodles, and oodles of noodles or rice with chicken, pork – my stomach churns (face palm!). Indian food? Can’t have that everyday, especially in the crazy, hot weather we’re experiencing now (it’s now 35 degrees centigrade outside!).

So that got me hunting for food. In my personal and honest opinion, good food is categorised as (1) Delicious (2) Something new & haven’t tried before (3) Value for money and (4) Great ambiance.

All delicious burgers lead to THE GRIND

The what? The Grind? Well – when I first heard the name, images of maids and chefs merrily grinding away food and other condiments conjured up in my more than vivid imagination. Then I realised that the Grind is an appropriate name for a restaurant that serves home-made, made-as-you-order food. Be it their signature burgers, other equally tantalizing food or astounding beverages.

Where is THE GRIND

It’s not a new restaurant, but it’s a newly taken over and refurbished specialty fusion food restaurant. It’s located on the same row as the famous Kanna Curry House in Section 17; where the opposite is SS2. It’s perched on a slope and nearly every true blue PJ folk knows where it is.

The Food

THE GRIND serves non-halal food. If you want gourmet burgers with loads of mouth-watering meats, bacon, ham – this is the place to go to. I’ve tried the BIG BLACK DOG, BANGERS & MASH, and CHILLI CHEESE PORK NACHOS.

The BIG BLACK DOG is an entirely new gastronomic experience for me. It’s a culmination of ingredients that tantalizes your tastebuds. It’s got everything from sweet, sour, zingy, and spicy.

I loved the generous spread of BANGERS & MASH. I think this is reminiscent of the good old British way of cooking – “it’s these or nothing” – where the chef wants you to sample the best of everything – from the homemade bangers (sausages), potato salad and side dressings.

Words won’t do justice to just how good the food here is. So, here’s a picture that shows the delicious fare THE GRIND can whip up:


Being in an explorative mood, I had the CHILLI CHEESE PORK NACHOS next. The nachos were amazingly fresh and crunchy. The Chilli paste added a zestful, zingy taste to it and I recommend this to anyone who’s in the mood to try something different.

Even though burgers are their forte, there are many other choices of food on the menu that’s sure to catch your attention. Just take one look at the juicy sausages or fresh, garden salads and rest assured that these will win you over!


Note that some of the pictures depicted above are illustrative of the real deal and the real food is even better!

The ambiance

Needless to say, THE GRIND has a cosy and comfortable ambiance. It’s the place to go with your family and friends. No loud, annoying music. Just the sort of place to chill-out, share the latest happenings and enjoy heavenly epicurean fare. There’s alcoholic beverages too, to cool down on a hot day like what we’re experiencing now. The huge selection of beverages would delight any child and even the child in you!


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