Dr David Mun: proof that his herbal prescriptions work

A couple of days ago, EngKiat, my blog reader asked me how to prepare Dr David Mun’s herbal prescriptions. As I was too busy at that time, I did not reply. But before that, if you’re wondering whether traditional Chinese medicine does work, here’s the proof, from one of other blog readers, Citrine:

I have Endometriosis, and had undergone 2 surgeries before to remove ovarian cysts and uterus polyps. Due to this, I have to always take progesterone hormone pills to balance up my hormone levels (my estrogen level too high).

Last 2 weeks, I went for my endometriosis checkup, my doctor told me my uterus’ thickness is now back to normal although I have stopped taking the pills for 9 months! (High levels of Estrogen will cause the uterus to be thicker than normal).

This is such a good news me! Thanks to Dr. Mun, now I can stop the taking hormone pills which I had taken for 5 years T.T. Besides, I have gastric since small, but after 3 visits to Dr. Mun, I can feel recently I didn’t suffer from gastric anymore.

Thank you Mark, because it is your posting that brought me to Dr. Mun =) And… Every time I visit him, he keep asking me how I know him, then I always repeat the same stories to him, then he will ask me, with a post, you so believe and come to visit me? Hahaha~ He is very funny =D

By the way, one of the three medicine which Dr Mun prescribed is super super super x 10 bitter… It’s really a challenge =.=

As I have shared in my previous post about Dr David, he cured me from acute gastritis some 20+ years ago. And Citrine, thank you for your kind compliments.

I desire nothing but good health to each and everyone of my blog followers and readers. I think all good things must be shared.

I am not really a fan of Western medicine because of the numerous side effects and synthetic chemical composition. This may come as a surprise, as I am Western educated and am not proficient in written Chinese. However, I have great faith in traditional herbal medication and alternative therapies.

Now, coming back to EngKiat and his question about boiling the herbal prescription:

“I met him yesterday , he asked me to boil 17 rice bowl of water into 2 rice bowl. I have a few questions… Do you really boil the whole packet and divide into 3 sessions? If you really do, wouldn’t the 2nd or 3rd sessions be cold already?

I just took the first packet but I still don’t feel anything yet …. =( Am I doing anything wrong with the boiling process? I need some advice from you because i don’t really know how to boil medicine.”

Well, if you do go consult Dr David Mun and if you’re having doubts about how to prepare the herbal prescription, read on.

First of all, the instructions are to boil 17 or 18 bowls of water. The “bowl” here refers to the bowl where the Chinese eat their rice from. Yes, 17 bowls of water, boil and simmer until approximately 2 bowls remains in the pot.

As for the pot, it’s best that you purchase the readily available clay pot, which looks something like this (photo credit to Can Stock Images):

Clay pot used to boil Chinese medicine.

Make sure you wash it thoroughly first before using. Empty the entire contents of the numbered packet of herbs into the pot. Then pour 17 bowls of water into it and put it to boil until only about 2 bowls of strange and horrid looking concoction remains. Yes, it tastes bloody bitter and even Citrine says it’s a great challenge to down it!

The entire contents of the two bowls are not to be consumed in one go. Instead, you are to divide it into three sessions – morning, afternoon and night. Assuming you have already drunk the morning portion, you store the rest for later. When it’s time to drink it, just pour what is required into a bowl and heat it up preferably in a pot. You can heat it using a microwave but as for me – I’m a traditionalist and I prefer the old fashion way!

And oh, don’t expect miracles to happen right after consuming the first session. Chinese herbal medicine doesn’t work that way. Every packet of herbs contain different ingredients that are designed to detox, rejuvenate and fortify you. It will probably take a couple of days, or even a week to feel the effects.

Hope this helps!


4 thoughts on “Dr David Mun: proof that his herbal prescriptions work

  1. Hi,
    I am now more convinced to go visit Dr Mun after seeing Citrine’s case of ovary cyst, as I am 28 this year and had developed 2 uterine fibroids at approx. 7cm – 9cm (I know, they are very huge) since last year. I had ultrasound last September 2016 and on 6th March 2017, i went for ultrasound again, one of it has grown to 9cm. so alarming that, i need an urgent solution. For now, i only feel a little bit of the effects ie. frequent urination due to the pressure in my uterus and back pain. Not having heavy menstrual or serious menstrual pain. I really hope the fibroids can shrink naturally as doctor keeps suggesting surgery.

    Any other cases which also healed their fibroids from Dr Mun’s pescriptions? Please update so I can just go without doubts. *Dr Mun will only be back end of this month, so will need to check from the TCM shop again.

  2. Hey there.
    I’m not a TCM practitioner.

    Just wanna share few things.
    Recently I received some forwarded messages from friend via WhatsApp.

    They claim works towards cancerous cases (as for yours, I’m not sure whether the remedies work as well on fibroids or cysts)

    The contents are as below:-

    1) Drink raw potato juice.
    Wash the potato (about three to four potatoes).
    Remove the greenish part and the parts where the new stems of the potato grow.
    Do not need to remove the skin of the potato.
    Smash it with blender the whole potato and wrap the whole thing with food-grade Muslin cloth and squeeze the juice out of it. Mix with apple juice and drink it if you can’t tolerate with the raw taste of potato.

    2) Take asparagus therapy.
    Buy fresh asparagus or canned asparagus and smash them and well-cook them 20 minutes.
    Serve as food once in the morning and night.
    Serve them hot or cold.
    Season them to taste. (salty or sweet?)
    Take 4 tablespoons each time.

    There’s some substances called Histones controlling the growth speed of the cancerous cell, which also act as inhibitor for the cancerous cells to grow. And also regulate the growth of the cells.
    Another word, Histones make the cells grow normally.

    3) Drink ‘Luo-Han-Guo’ herbal tea.
    Buy one piece of the dried fruit ‘Luo-Han-Guo’ from any Chinese herbal store and smash the dried fruit and then bring it to boil in water.
    Simmer it for 20 minutes.
    Off the gas stove and then still keep the lid of the pot close for about 15 minutes.
    Enjoy it as common herbal tea.

    Try at your own risk. =P

    I recommend you do the (2) and (3) one because they are no harm.
    Just normal food to me.
    I never tried raw potato juice before so at your own risk.

    Hopefully you’ll see Dr. David Mun as soon as possible.

    P.S. I also wish to see Dr. David Mun around May 2017.

  3. I wish to consult Dr. David Mun, but when i called the number the person on the line always say he’s in overseas. Any other ways you guys managed to get hold to set an appointment. Need to see him desperately. Thanks.

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