Not a pretty sight, I know. The picture above shows my foot bundled up like a Christmas present after visiting the Wan Seng Acupuncture Centre. And nothing to be jolly about after taking a tumble during one of my escapades to Fraser’s Hill.

I slipped and tumbled over some mossy steps somewhere near the waterfall. According to Dr Ng Wan Seng, I sprained my ankle. Rule no.1: Do not go exploring around mountain hikes wearing Crocs. That’s a definite no-no! My new year 2014 resolution is to get me a pair of hiking boots.

I was practically limping on the day I sprained my ankle. And the next couple of days. After scouring the Internet for sprained ankles, the only good news I read was that it would normally take 6 weeks for it to heal. Normally! Huh!

Because of my workload, I limped my way to Dr Ng’s at the Wan Seng Acupuncture Centre AFTER nearly 2 weeks. He explained to me that I slipped, tumbled and landed on my feet in a particular way. Gee – I know how Jack & Jill must have felt like!

Dr Ng then proceeded to rub some ointment on my ankle and bandaged it with smelly, sticky Chinese herbs (refer to the black spots on my ankle bandage in the photo above). To “activate” the healing properties of the herbs, I need only apply a few drops of any traditional Chinese muscular pain ointment to the herbs and re-bandage my ankle again for the next 3 days.

I’m not making this up – even after the next day, my limping had subsided tremendously. I could walk a bit normally with a slight limp – but with a marked improvement.

Yes – Dr Ng at the Wan Seng Acupuncture Centre not only dispense acupuncture treatments, but also treats sprains, dislocations, broken bones and stuff like that.



    1. Hi Karen. For sprains, bruises and dislocations, it’s a bit more expensive than acupuncture. I think it’s somewhere around RM30 but less than RM40. Acupuncture is pretty affordable, around RM20 or less. Hope this helps!

  1. Hi Mark, I had a twist and sprained my ankle as well, just like you. It has been a week. Would it be better to see Mr Chong or Wan Seng acupuncture? I see that Mr Chong is always full, what about Wan Seng , are they easy to visit? Another silly question, how was your pain level when you were treated by Wan Seng on your sprained ankle?

    1. Dear Cindy. Thanks for writing. I would go to the Wan Seng Acupuncture centre if I were you. Reason being you would have to wait countless hours at Mr Chong’s. The sifu at Wan Seng Acupuncture is very skilled at treating sprains. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Ami, I can’t answer you that. Only the good doctor can answer. I suggest you try to visit the centre. No harm done.

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