Ever since I started travelling by train to Kuala Lumpur from my hometown in Segamat, which was a good 150km away – I had always been fascinated by that mode of travel. There were times I had to board the midnight train, only to arrive my destination early in the morning.

Destination. One small word. A world of meaning.

I am writing this as my first post for 2014. And also penning my thoughts following my old friend’s passing away after a battle with liver cancer.

Life is like a train ride. We board the train at the train station while others disembark. Once seated, we look around and see new faces, strangers. Some looking at you, some engrossed with looking for their seats. This analogy is very much like the day we were born into this world. As we enter the world, we look around us wondering where our “seats” are – peering at the new faces around us. The person or persons seated next to us are our parents, the people closest to us.

We chat with the persons seated next to us, exchanging stories. Others may join us and we become a family, sharing stories of a similar topic. We laugh, we smile, we sit deep in thoughts. Often, we’d peek outside the window and see where we are. This is like our lives, looking outside to see where we’re heading for or are we on time.

Along the way, some of those seated next or near to us – the people whom we have had the pleasure of sharing out stories with – disembark. We say our goodbyes and even wave as the train pulls away. We feel as if we’ve lost someone who had share our joys. These people are very much like the people who had to leave us at one point of our lives – our best friends, relatives, parents and even a separation or divorce. We feel the pain of their leaving us but we must understand that that is their destination. They have fulfilled their purpose in shaping our lives.

Good. Bad. Right. Wrong – we have to see them on their way as we head for our own destination. The person we fell in love with at the beginning of our train ride has disembarked – much like the divorce or their passing away. We cannot stop them as that is their destination as well as it is ours.

Love. Joy. Hatred. Guilt. When those persons seated next to you left – we must learn to let go, and not cling to our emotions, for our journey ahead is ours, and ours alone. We have a choice of making our journey a happy or sad one. A person disembark, another embarks and come into your life – sharing stories once more.

It’s the journey, the experience and the fulfillment that counts. The riches, wealth, poverty, happiness or pain you and other passengers bring on the journey is not important. What’s important is the journey itself. Your journey. How will you write the ending once you’ve arrived at your destination?

Will you regret for having that train ride? Will you be happy or sad once you’ve arrived? Will you take on yet another journey?



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