This really made my day & Mr Chong Yoon Yen

These days, one hardly have the opportunity to receive good news. Well, this is one of them, written by Miss Harpal Kaur. And this is what she wrote:

“Hi, i would like to share some of my experience with everyone. My sister have fractured her leg. She dislikes to go hospital. Until one day, someone recommended me to bring her to Mr Chong. My sister conditions was very bad. By looking into her eyes, you can say she is in full pain. After several treatment with Mr Chong, what i can say now is that her conditions have improved a lot. She can walk even better and looks more cheerful. Regarding the long waiting time for the appointment, my experience is waiting is nothing compare with the pain. Actually Mr Chong is a very pleasant and cheerful guy. I have positive believing that he will able to cure my sister. Kudos to Mr Chong.”

I really love receiving comments and emails like this, for it means that my contribution towards society is well received. More than that, it means my recommendations (on natural healing) didn’t fall on deaf ears. Take note that there are a lot of shams out there, people professing to have the “cure all” elixir. As for me, my articles about Mr Chong Yoon Yen and Dr David Mun are drawn from my personal experiences.

I visited Mr Chong today
Yes I did but it was for Ian, my eldest son. I walked into his clinic yesterday morning (about 10:00 am) and was told by the ever jovial Mr Chong that there will not be any further consultations for the day as there were too many patients.

He told me to come back at night, around 10:30 pm. “But please give a call first before coming”, he said. I called up last night at about 9:30 pm and he said it would be past midnight before our turn. So we decided to postpone the appointment to this morning.

My son and I waited for nearly 2 hours before we were called in. Yes, he is that famous and yes – he sometimes stays up as late (or early) as 4:00 am just to treat his patients. That is Mr Chong’s high level of commitment towards those who have faith in his healing abilities.

My son’s ailment
My eldest son had been suffering from a bad back and stiff shoulders. Apparently, even acupuncture didn’t help. Mr Chong rubbed some ointment on my son’s back and transfused some “Qi” into his back. Immediately, my son told me he could feel the improvement. Previously he couldn’t stand straight because of the persistent pain but just minutes after the treatment he could!

My problem – stiffness in my limbs
Of late, I experienced stiffness in my limbs and sometimes, I’d get a tingling sensation. Mr Chong gave me an advice – (don’t laugh!) – walk inside a swimming pool! Or the sea. If people think I’m crazy, let them be. Because according to Mr Chong – the resistance due the water can help strengthen the limbs!

Can’t call Mr Chong for an appointment?
Please call Mr Chong for an appointment AFTER 12:00 NOON. He may or may not answer your calls during therapy but he won’t answer calls BEFORE 12:00 noon. So, be patient. And even he may indicate a your appointment time – but it may a jolly 2-hour wait for your turn. Please be patient! All good things come to those who wait & patience is a virtue!


11 thoughts on “This really made my day & Mr Chong Yoon Yen

  1. Hi Mark.

    Think u were right about his healing hand. Meet him twice and I can feel better improvement on my frozen shoulder and spine. He can point straight to the root cause. Which is so impressive. Things the doctor only can do by mri. Hope God give him great health to do what he is doing now. And appreciate your info too.


  2. Hi, I’m unable to contact him in that 019-xx number.. is there anyway I could contact Mr Choong ? Im having sacroiliac joint dysfunction..I’m unable to sit or stand for long ..Ive tried many types of treatment and was admitted to Pantai Hosp twice….but no relief till today…Hoping to go this week to Mr Choong…Thanks.

    1. Hi Anjali. Thanks for writing. I’m aware that many have tried contacting Mr Choong without success. I think it would be better to go there personally and wait your turn. I’ve advised many others to do just that.

      1. Thanks . I think I will just do that.. I’m willing to do anything as long I can find solution for my pain.

  3. Hi Mark
    Can i have Mr Chong’s number? I think i need to see him as my back pain is getting worse. planning to see him after CNY. Thank you Mark

    1. Hi Ruth. Getting hold of Mr Chong is harder than fixing an appointment with the Prime Minister. He doesn’t answer calls during the day when doing treatment. Yes, he is still in SEA Park and yes, his phone number still works. But, if you want to fix an appointment, go REALLY earlier in the morning to see him and get a queue number. He will then advise you what time you should be there at his clinic. I was there at 3:00 AM (yes, three in the morning) about two weeks ago.

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