THANK YOU, NIKKO NIKKO for your comment on Dr. David Mun

Here’s a wonderful comment I received from Nikko Nikko, after he/she consulted Dr David Mun. I am really happy that it worked out for you, Nikko Nikko. 

Thanks for the sharing Markkay …. after reading your blog here, i did call and made an appointment to see Dr David Mun because i was having very BAD cough, bad until i can’t sleep peacefully and it’s even worst then asthma attack … always have to use the inhaler which is really bad bad bad.

I went to western Drs and few chinese physicians and also acupuntures … it didnt really work for me. I didn’t have any history of asthma but due to lots of stress and we have to blame the weather as well … very poluted air and haze keeps coming back … made me started to fall sick easily due to my immune system went down.

Until i went to see Dr David Mun … he has a very serious face but i know he is a nice person.

Yes, i agree with your saying, without saying a word he started writing the prescription … and when i asked him WHEN do i need to see Dr again … he answered me with confidence “after taking all the medicines if you are OK, why do you need to come back?” HAHAHA

See .. this made me even have more confidence with Dr David Mun … *Smile*

After taking 2nd packet of herbs … i really felt so much better, i can sleep soundly throughout the night and less coughing … even after the first prescription, i could feel it.

Now i am waiting for my 3rd packet and see how i feel. I am sure you will recover soon from what i have been gone through past few months …. it’s really torturing to fall ill …. Health is so very Important.

I am so happy to have read the articles you posted here … Sharing is Caring *wink*

THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN for the sharing … i hope more people will come to know about Dr David Mun.


P/S : by the way, have your son recovered from Asthma? and what about yourself? Take care!

I am good, and thank you for enquiring about my health. I work like crazy nowadays and I must apologise if I don’t write on my blog any more. Oh yes, another word of advice – try going for long walks every day. It really helps!


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