What you don’t see doesn’t mean it’s not there

Some people have questioned my belief in alternative medicine and traditional therapies. Of all people, being English educated yet believes in “old wives tale” (so to speak) and “unproven” medicine.

Well, every branch of modern medicine is a product of years and years of painstaking research, analysis and cross-analysis, testing and application. The end result is a synthetic medication which you ingest to only treat the symptom, not the root. For example, chemotherapy treats the symptoms of cancer. It eradicates the mutated cancer cells at the price of eliminating the good cells.

I know of a person who have had gamma radiation surgery to remove a brain tumour. Remove, but not completely “removed”. After several years, further brain scans detected that the malignant growth was still there, albeit in a dormant state.

There are those who scoff at the efficacy of curative herbs. The tiger milk mushroom for example, is an excellent remedy for respiratory illness and other problems. Consider this testimony by a friend who was given Tiger Milk Mushroom:

I am a 62 year Chinese man who has been suffering from auto immune disease (rheumatoid arthritis) for the last 40 years. I also have an enlarged prostate, poor liver and kidney functions and chronic cough due to bronchitis.

 I was introduced to Tiger Milk Mushroom by a friend and on consuming 1 tsp twice daily for more than 1 month, my joint pains have reduced and for the first time in many years, I am able to move about freely with reduced inflammation in my joints. I have also been able to reduce my intake of pain medication. My rheumatology doctor in the University Hospital told me a few days ago that she was surprised the lab tests on my liver and kidney function has shown considerable improvement for the first time.

 My cough and phlegm have also reduced and I am able to breathe deeper and easier and I feel healthier overall. I am very hopeful that Tiger Milk Mushroom will also help reduce my enlarged prostate over time and will continue to consume this product. I did not experience any side-effects or allergy reaction when consuming this product. In face for the first time I feel I am consuming a product that will treat and heal the source of my problems instead of just treating the symptoms. 

As for myself, I know that the leaf from the Lemon Eucalyptus tree is excellent for colds. I travel up to this place periodically to collect the leaves. You can either steep the leaves in hot water and drink it, or I prefer using it for my aromatherapy pot which makes my room fragrant.

There is another plant (I don’t know the name though) which a good friend calls “jungle tea”. It has a bitter taste but it has excellent detoxifying effects. I collected some leaves, dried it in the sun and drink it from time to time.

Then there are those who scoff at the existence of ghosts, saying that it is one’s figment of imagination. I have captured a picture of two ghosts on print which I am deign to publish it here again. Trick of light? Photoshop? I myself am convinced of their existence, and for me; that’s enough.

There are those who scoff at traditional Chinese pharmacopoeia and “Qi” (or living force). Chinese medicine has been in existence longer than western medicine. Instead of treating the symptoms, it goes to the root of the problem. The herbal concoction dispensed by the herbalist has a threefold effect – cleanse, invigorate and rebuild. Instead of eliminating the illness or problem by invasive treatments and surgery, Chinese medicine helps the body to rebuild its immunity to overcome the problem.

Qi? Sounds pretty occult and oriental huh? I have seen Qi practitioners snuff out candle light metres away. I have seen Qi practitioners putting their palms onto the patient’s body, causing the body to convulse as if electrified. I myself practice Qigong (the art of living force) and I know of its beneficial effects. If modern man believes in the existence of WiFi, 3G radio waves that allow them to communicate distance away – why don’t they accept that inside every living being there is a life force?


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