643 views on a post I deleted

I was browsing through my stats and saw that there were 643 views on a posting I deleted. If I remember rightly, I wrote about ghosts and even inserted a copy of the photo I took – with two (yes! TWO) ghosts caught in the reflection of a TV.

That was no trick photography. I didn’t even know they were there until a good friend of mine pointed out that there were two other persons in the hotel room I was in. Indeed – it was mother and a child.

I still visit and stay at that same hotel frequently. I’ve gotten used to the fact that ghosts are everywhere. Yes, I was afraid the first time but after several encounters, you’re better off accepting the fact that they are amongst us all the time.

So what are ghosts? Forget the Hollywood hype about ghosts that are all out to murder you. Real ghosts don’t do that. They are there simply because, they are there. They are some long forgotten energy. A forgotten memory of sorts. 

I deleted the post because I am very certain the ghosts do not want all and sundry to go looking high and low for them and I will not name the hotel I stayed in.



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