Mr Chong Yoon Yen is still operating from his SEA Park Clinic

By far, I think the most popular and most read post in my blog would be none other than the healer extraordinare – Mr Chong Yoon Yen. I’ve received many enquiries regarding his whereabouts as many readers have tried contacting him without avail.

Anyway – one reader, Mr Rupert Singleton with that do-or-die attitude decided to go to Mr Chong’s clinic and he was pleasantly surprised as Mr Chong was still operating from his SEA Park clinic.

I also bumped in Mr Chong a fortnight ago in a shopping mall and he was all smiles as he recognised me as the blogger of his very famous post. Gee – I never knew there were that many people with bad backs and other bone-related problems!

I asked Mr Chong why he cannot be reached by mobile and he replied that his phone was misplaced or perhaps stolen. I would think that the sheer number of calls asking for early reservations irritated him and prevented him for dispensing treatment to his patients. Hmmm…

Mr Rupert Singleton is an amazing photographer and he has graciously supplied me with photographs of da man! And yes, Mr Singleton waited for over 5 hours and Mr Chong himself admitted that he made the “poor chap wait”.

Sifu Chong - the miracle healer
Sifu Chong – the miracle healer

What’s even more delightful is that before receiving treatment from Sifu Chong (“Sifu” is the Oriental equivalent to “Master”) – Mr Singleton had been suffering in silence from a bad back. Added to that was his passion in ZaZen, a Japanese meditation technique where one sits facing a wall for hours in deep contemplation. Because meditation requires an upright sitting posture and because Mr Singleton is a professional Photographer, he lugs all his photography equipment with him over the hills and everywhere. And that – I believe, is the cause of his bad back.

I know how he feels. Gee – I was in Taiwan directing a video shoot recently and helping the video guy lug his equipment is no joke!

I quote Mr Singleton’s reply to my post:

“It was worth it. I see what you mean, this man has a special ‘power’. I could hardly walk without pain in my back and after the treatment it was virtually gone. My problem isn’t cured but after just one treatment there was dramatic improvement, dare I say ‘miraculous’ abatement of pain.”

So if Mr Singleton could wait over 5 hours and felt very much better after that – why can’t you? And yes – Sifu Chong is still in SEA Park.


Look at those huge hands bursting with "Qi" or Healing force!
Look at those huge hands bursting with “Qi” or Healing force!



13 thoughts on “Mr Chong Yoon Yen is still operating from his SEA Park Clinic

  1. Sounds like I should bring my mom to visit Mr Chong. She has lots of pains on upper back due to a fall couple of years back. And also hope he can help with my knee injury from intense hiking.

    Do you know whether he operates on Sunday too?

      1. Dear Cwaei88,

        Mr Chong’s number is 019-3366718 and he asked you to call him AFTER 12:00 noon.

  2. Plan to go here due to my back pain problem. Western doctors only told me to keep taking muscle relaxant. 😦 But the phone is not reachable, and i’m staying quite far away from PJ. may i know what time does he start? maybe i will just take 1 day off to go there early in the morning. i don mind to wait if i need to. i just want to make sure he is working on that day 😛

    1. Hello Shane. Mr Chong’s number is still the same except that he doesn’t answer when he’s meting out treatment. Try calling him after 12 noon?

  3. Hi Mark. I just stumbled on this post in a search. Excellent feature!. It’s 4 years since I saw Dr Chong and my back problem has never returned. I have very fond memories of my tri weekly trips to Sea Park for treatment. Not only Doc Chong himself but the people I met in the waiting room. On a few occasions he made up for that initial 5hr wait by letting me jump the queue. I now live in Fukuoka, Japan. Climbing Mount Fuji last summer with slightly too heavy camera equipment in my backpack I almost suffered a relapse – but managed to sleep it off in the overnight mountain hut at 3,480m altitude. Cheers.

    1. Hi Rupert! Glad to have you commenting again. Yeah – I remember you sharing about your bad back and how Dr Chong helped you. You’re now in Japan? Great! All the best to you in all your undertakings, Rupert!

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