My reply to Mr Derek Chou re: Mr Chong Yoon Yen – Extraordinary Healer

Hi Derek. Thanks for your interest in Mr Chong Yoon Yen. I am replying you via a new post so that those who are curious may also read my reply,

About Mr Chong’s healing gift
If you are acquainted with natural gifts of telepathy, telekinesis, mind reading and so forth then it may not be so difficult to accept the fact that some of us are endowed with “gifts” that others don’t have. Or perhaps we have those “gifts” but we are not aware of them and thus, do not pursue the journey to harness the potential of the gift.

Mr Chong is from the state of Johore, the southernmost state that’s closest to Singapore. From what I know, Mr Chong is a Qigong exponent AND has been endowed with what we call “healing hands”. Coupled with that, Mr Chong had also studied Western chiropractic to enhance his knowledge of healing. That is to say, he is able to tell you which part of your bone structure is in need of healing. Combining chiropractic with age-old oriental healing techniques, Qigong and his gift (universal healing) – you get the best, so to speak. If you have read my earlier post where I featured a picture of Mr Chong – you can immediately tell that he is a Qigong master. Just look at his frame and stature!

About Qigong
Qigong is derived from two words – “Qi” meaning energy and “gong” as in “Gong-Fu” (or better known as Kung Fu). The essence of Qigong lies in the breathing technique (internal) and harnessing energy from nature (external). Bodhidharma (Sanskrit, or “Bodhidhamma” in Pali), the Indian Buddhist monk taught the then weak Shaolin monks the proper breathing techniques  so as to enhance their energy, increase vigour and defend against the then marauders in 5th/6th Century China.

As I know, there are 7 different ways of breathing. To get acquainted with external Qi, just take a walk in the park in the morning. You’ll find the air fresher. And if you use your palms and gently move them across a tree or a bush – you can feel a tingling sensation on your fingertips. That is Qi – or energy.

All of us are composed of energy. Energy is our living force. In fact, the ancient texts mentions about the 4 elements inside us – FIRE (warmth), WATER (blood, saliva, urine, sweat), EARTH (hard organs, bones), and WIND (breath). There is another element – MIND which is mental energy. In whatever way you look at it – there is energy inside all of us. 

Energy attracts energy. Simply put, positive energy attracts negative energy. For diagnosis, Mr Chong will summon his Qi to channel into your body to seek out the negative energy. Think Yin & Yang!

About my son’s condition
It should be about 2 years ago when my son told me that his coccyx (the tail bone) was giving him problem. His schoolmate pushed him hard against a wall, resulting in a bruised coccyx. He complained about pain when sitting, and when standing up after sitting. If left untreated, this can lead to a number of ailments, and chief among them – impotency (in later life), weak legs, pain after every bowel movement.

Mr Chong used this thumb to press against the coccyx, applying both pressure and Qi. Then later, plastered a concoction of aromatic herbs (according to my son – “foul smelling”) that should only be removed after 24 hours.

One month later – problem solved. No more pain, no more complaints.

About my friend (name withheld)
Mr X returned home one day after work and dozed off seated on a sofa. Then his phone rang. He awoke and wanted to reach out for the phone, To his utter shock – he couldn’t move his left arm. It was then that he realised he had a stroke which affected part of his left shoulder and entire left hand. I do believe he told me that he had difficulty speaking and swallowing.

I met him at Mr Chong’s clinic. He showed me his affected arm. It was smaller and darker than his other good right arm. The skin was also peeling off. Yet – he could twitch his thumb and fingers – and that was after the 2nd session with Mr Chong. Before that he was admitted into a private hospital. He was told he had to undergo an operation and there was a 50%-50% chance of recovery. While in hospital, he had to undergo painful physiotherapy which made his cry.

I lost touch with him and met him somewhere in mid-2012. His arm was back to normal, could hold a mobile phone and yes, he even demonstrated that he could also use his fingers to dig his nose.

He also told me that he went back to the private hospital for a routine check-up and even the doctor was surprised that he had recovered without surgery and “modern” medicine.

What to expect and NOT to expect

  • Do not expect instant recovery. Your chances of recovery depend largely on your body and Mr Chong’s treatment.
  • Do not despair. As mentioned, your mind is the chief controller (mental energy) and patience is a virtue. 
  • If your condition is serious, do seek out a good acupuncturist. I have posted about Wan Seng Acupuncture and the Sifu is really good.
  • EXPECT to wait like crazy. Be patient because there are old people in need of treatment. Just like you too, they have come a long way!
  • If you have called up and made a reservation with Mr Chong – do not EXPECT your turn as promised. Chances are, your turn will come about 2 hours later.

There you are, Derek. I hope this post answers your question. I do get backaches now and then. As I have said, do not expect miracles and my recurrent problem is due to sitting down on a chair for prolonged periods staring at the computer. That’s a Writer’s job.



14 thoughts on “My reply to Mr Derek Chou re: Mr Chong Yoon Yen – Extraordinary Healer

  1. Hello Mr Mark,

    First of all, Happy Chinese New Year! & thank you for providing such a thorough information from Mr.Chong! No doubt from a passionate writer! Good elaboration for “chi” by the way.

    You say he uses his thumb to press against your son’s coccyx makes me think that maybe other than a bruised coccyx, your son’s coccyx was also somewhat misaligned?

    I do believe in “chi” since I’m also from a Buddhist family who uses TCM. I have 5 times of acupuncture experiences for my bottom/coccyx discomfort. I really do feel a sort of subtle sensation from it and now I can say I’m 60% or 70% better.

    However, what concern me is that if a person who has illness which is due to skeletal problem, acupuncture may not be the key for the problem. One should correct the root first before treating its symptom. That’s why i think maybe his “healing hands” can treat the problem.

    Finding a good doctor is like finding a needle in sea. I’m used to any letdown. 🙂

    If you have normal back problem due to prolonged sitting, maybe you can try la-jing/拉筋 (self pulling tendon/stretches), it helps a lot for back pain.

  2. I am looking for a good chinese physician to treat my back and I found your feature on Mr Yen. I used to live in Singapore and saw an amazing healer there – Cha Heng Choy, a small guy but with the biggest strongest hands I have ever seen!. Treatment was all in the touch using pressure that made you almost feint and then a big black herbal pad pasted over your back to be removed the next morning. It worked wonders on my back spasms and relaxed all the muscles. The only way of knowing a good doctor from a bad one is through recommendation’referral etc so your above description makes My Chen worth a visit!. The Singapore clinic they gave you a piece of paper with a number – sometimes a very long wait.

  3. Dear Mark, Do you have another contact number for the doctor? The one posted is out of service. I really want to try him out to treat my back which is completely out of shape through muscle contractions… and if he also prescribes a big herbal patch for your back to keep on for 24hrs as part of the treatment then I really need to see him asap. I live in Ampang so it’s quite a drive to PJ so would need to check the clinic is open first. Look forward to any feedback. Regards, Rupert PS I am a photographer… I notice you are a creative director!)

    1. Dear Vincent & Rupert,

      for the life of me, I really am not sure how to contact Mr Chong if you (Rupert) say that his existing contact is not in service. I went past his clinic somewhere in October last year and the clinic was undergoing renovation. If that is the case, it means that he is still operating from there. The only number that I have is 019-336 6718. I think I must drive there one day to find out, given the numerous queries about his whereabouts. Yes Rupert, I am a CD but now on a Freelance basis.

  4. Thanks for the fast reply. Appreciated as I am sat here is excruciating pain that I know Mr Chong will be able to treat. I think an osteopath that I saw has seriously dislocated my lower back!. I will chance it tomorrow – set off early – and hope his clinic is open. Failing which I’m heading to my TCM doctor in Singapore– a bit far to go but I think these special healers are few and far between

    I am freelance too. Just back from 3 months in Japan such is the freedom working for yourself gives you. 2 days of zen “zazen” sitting at a temple there might have triggered my present back problem.

    1. Cool! Zazen is the Japanese meditation style where you sit facing the wall. I practice Vipassana meditation. I have back problems too but these days I sit on a cushion. Yeah – being a Freelancer is better than being in the dog-eat-dog agency world. I’ve had enough of that!

      1. Yes, in one day I faced a wall – for a total of 6hrs split into 40 mins sessions (the morning 4.15am session was 1hr 20mins that makes the pain of my back problem pale into insignificance over the pain my unconditioned body gave me while sitting albeit on a special cushion!). A Japanese friend introduced me to the temple. I signed up for 1 day and extended to 2 as it was the most amazing experience of my life so far (amazing vegetarian food too eaten ceremonially) – and one of the very friendly monks previously lived in Malaysia for 4.5 yrs on a joint venture between Mitsubishi-Proton! A friend of mine did a 10 day vipassana in Kyoto last October. I’m familiar with that. Let’s hope Mr Chong is healing tomorrow!. 10am taxi booked, leave it to fate. I added my website in the details of this post – Please view “Hotel Zen” is my gallery of images of the experience.

  5. I was about to update you – I managed to find the surgery and it was open! I ended up waiting 5hrs (after doing zazen that’s nothing!) to see Mr Chong as I arrived at 11am and the queue number tag was already 27. But it was worth it. I see what you mean, this man has a special ‘power’. I could hardly walk without pain in my back and after the treatment it was virtually gone. My problem isn’t cured but after just one treatment there was dramatic improvement, dare I say ‘miraculous’ abatement of pain. One thing to note on the long wait to see him – that’s just for the first visit after which you are given a normal appointment time for the follow up. I’m back to see him tomorrow – can’t wait!. Not only is he a great healer with as he explained ’16 generations’ in his hands, he also has a great sense of humour!.

  6. May I have Dr Chong New number as the old number is not in service i think. Could not get him by calling 0193366718. thanks.

    1. Dear Fiona,

      unfortunately that is the only number I know. I need to go contact him personally and truth to be told, my work schedule doesn’t permit me to do that right now. However, I’ll try to do so somewhere this week.


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