How acupuncture is administered at the Wan Seng Acupuncture Centre

I believe I have jumbled up on the directions to the Wan Seng Acupuncture Centre. The building next to it shouldn’t be Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB). Instead, it should be Telekom Malaysia (TM). My apologies to my readers who may have been confused by my incorrect labelling of the landmarks.

I went for another round of treatment today just to rejuvenate my back. Sometimes the pain comes back again at the lower lumbar region but it doesn’t persist – unlike before I visited the centre prior to seeking treatment.

And this time – I’ve taken some photos just to let you have an idea how acupuncture is done here. I had to silence the “snapping” sound of my mobile camera though! Grin.

This guy probably suffers from acute arthritis or rheumatism. He had needles all over his kneecaps and lower thighs.


Just to give you and idea, needles are first inserted by the sifu. Then electric wires connected to a pulsator (machine) connect the needles. The pulsation can be adjusted to your level of comfort. If you are comfortable with medium pulsation and don’t feel discomfort or pain – you can adjust the dial accordingly.

The pulsations are to remove blockages of the veins or meridians. It also stimulates blood circulation and helps relieve the pain.

Note the electric wires connected to the needles


Don’t worry. There are separate rooms for both males and females and the sifu (or sensei) is very discreet about his patients. Charges are very affordable, ranging from RM15 to RM20. In some cases, if need be, the sensei will prescribe medication for you to help you recover faster.

If you have sprained an ankle or twisted your limbs, you can also visit the centre but charges are slightly higher – around RM30.


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