Dr. David Mun: Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner


This is the shop entrance to Kedai Ubat Cina Kian Yin, or in English – Kian Yin Chinese Medical Hall. Located in the heart of Pudu, it looks just like another traditional Chinese medical shop, but go closer especially on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, you’ll find throngs of people patiently waiting inside the shop waiting for their turns to consult one of Malaysia’s most renowned traditional Chinese medicine practitioner: Dr David Mun.

Who is Dr. David Mun
Dr David Mun is now in his mid-70s. He is slim and gaunt with a full head of hair (albeit grey) that will be the envy of any middle aged executive. He has eyes like a hawk, piercing through you to see what ails you. Yes, you read that right. He doesn’t need to take your hand by the wrist and feel your pulse like other traditional Chinese medicine practitioners. He literally “sees” through you.

I first met him during a dinner hosted for him by my uncle in the early 90s. It was just like any other dinner, except when he started asking does my back hurt. I was surprised and replied the affirmative and mentioned that it was probably due to my frequent mopping of the apartment I was staying in then. He smiled and asked me whether my stomach feels bloated all the time. Indeed, my tummy always feels bloated and I attributed that to bad gastric. He then proceeded to tell me that my kidneys were weak, causing me to feel as if I have backaches and affecting my digestive system. He then asked me to see him at his consultation office (picture above) and I was promptly relieved of the pain.



That cheeky fella is Glen, my youngest son. Aged 11, he suffers from bad asthma. So bad that he sometimes needs to undergo an inhaler therapy at the clinic. Every once in a while he’d be down with a bad cough and flu.

I brought him to see Dr David Mun this morning. Waited nearly an hour for our turn and when we stepped into his room, he asked for Glen’s name and looked at him momentarily with his piercing eyes. Without saying a word he started writing the prescription.

After a few minutes he began lecturing Glen and I. Surprised, huh – that without even telling the good doctor, or without feeling Glen’s pulse – he is able to know what Glen is suffering from! We then left to pick up the medicine and boy – the herbs were pungent and Glen has to endure the usual boiled bitter Chinese medicine for nearly 15 days.

How to prevent asthma
Dr David lectured us on the following:

  • NO iced drinks, no ice cream
  • NO fried foodstuffs during the treatment period
  • NO sleeping in air-conditioned rooms (the cool air affects the respiratory system)
  • NO pets in the house (cats and dogs notwithstanding)
  • NO eating white coloured vegetables – they are too “cooling”

There are many non-Chinese who consult him, and people even as far as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Taiwan too! He doesn’t charge a fee. He is doing a service for the community and he’ll be happy with an “ang-pow” or Chinese red packet stuffed with bank notes. These monetary gifts will go towards Chinese school funds and other charitable causes. However – you need to pay for the prescription herbs, and mind you – they are not cheap. The cornucopia of herbs Dr David Mun uses are not the normal ones used by other traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.

To me, I personally believe in alternative medicine. Western medicine treats the symptoms, not the cause. And certain “trigger-happy” doctors are more than happy to insist you take antibiotics, which we are aware of the long-term damage it can inflict on our body. Alternative medicine is holistic in nature and Dr. David’s medicines are divided into three categories: CLEANSE, RESTORE and CURE.





Kedau Ubat Kian Yin
30, Jalan Landak
Off Jalan Pudu
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2142 5230 (please call to book your numbers at least 2 days before you go)

Consultation days
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday – 9:30am – 12:30pm
Saturday – 9:30am – 12:30pm (morning session), 2:00pm onwards (afternoon session)



117 thoughts on “Dr. David Mun: Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

      1. Hi Siew Hwa. Unfortunately – I don’t know any TCM practitioners around Klang or PJ. Sorry – can’t help you here.

    1. Hi thanks for your wonderful articles on alternative healing methods and medicine. Do you think Dr .David Mun would be able to help my father who is suffering from
      lung cancer and was told by the doctor that he had only months to live?

      1. Hi Toneeya, I’m sorry to hear about your father’s illness and I really cannot say whether Dr David Mun can help him or not. It’s best you give it a try. You never know! Good luck!

  1. Thanks Markkay for sharing the infor about the doctor and your experience. do you and your son still seeing the doctor on and off when fall sick?

    1. Hi BC Lew, yes I do still visit him from time to time. He cured my eldest son’s asthma. My second son, however, still indulges in cold drinks and ice creams from time to time and is afraid of seeing Dr David Mun again for fear of getting reprimanded. Hahaha.

      1. Thanks for the sharing Markkay …. after reading your blog here, i did called and made an appointment to see Dr David Mun because i was having very BAD cough, bad until i can’t sleep peacefully and it’s even worst then asthma attack … always have to use the inhaler which is really bad bad bad.

        I went to western Drs and few chinese physicians and also acupuntures … it didnt really work for me. I didn’t have any history of asthma but due to lots of stress and we have to blame the weather as well … very poluted air and haze keeps coming back … made me started to fall sick easily due to my immune system went down.

        Until i went to see Dr David Mun … he has a very serious face but i know he is a nice person.

        Yes, i agree with your saying, without saying a word he started writing the prescription … and when i asked him WHEN do i need to see Dr again … he answered me with confidence “after taking all the medicines if you are OK, why do you need to come back?” HAHAHA

        See .. this made me even have more confidence with Dr David Mun … *Smile*

        After taking 2nd packet of herbs … i really felt so much better, i can sleep soundly throughout the night and less coughing … even after the first prescription, i could feel it.

        Now i am waiting for my 3rd packet and see how i feel. I am sure you will recover soon from what i have been gone through past few months …. it’s really torturing to fall ill …. Health is so very Important.

        I am so happy to have read the articles you posted here … Sharing is Caring *wink*

        THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN for the sharing … i hope more people will come to know about Dr David Mun.


        P/S : by the way, have your son recovered from Asthma? and what about yourself? Take care!

      2. Hi Nikko Nikko,

        I am glad you got to see Dr. David Mun! Yes, he work miracles, huh? And yes, my son has recovered my Asthma, thank you!

      3. Hi ur son recover fr asthma & no longer rely on inhaler? My daughter recently having asthma & used 2 inhaler. Even after we stop her fr drinking cold water &ice cream she stil got her asthma after eating non cold jelly. Can i know if someone can be off asthma after seeing dr david mun? Pls advise.

      4. Hi Siew Hwa. Thanks for your comment. Yes, my son is completely off Asthma for now. Doctor David Mun did help very much but don’t expect miracles in a short span of time. Your daughter needs to see him for at least 3 times before she can be better.

      5. Hi Siew Hwa. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I hardly have time to update due to time constraints.

        Unfortunately, I cannot vouch for Dr David Mun’s treatment for fertility problems. No two persons are alike and the same applies for their problems. Your friend will have to see Dr David in person to evaluate further. That’s all I can say.

        By the way, how is your daughter? Is her asthma under control?

    1. Dear May,

      To my knowledge and my treatments, my medications are separated into three sessions. Every session will have four big packets of herbs. Method of preparation: empty herbs into a clay pot and then empty 18 bowls of water into it. Boil until one bowl of water is left and drink. I believe the functional elements of the three sessions are to detox, rejuvenate and protect.

      Yes, it’s safe to walk around the area during the day as the consultation hours are from 9am to 4pm, I think.

  2. Ok thank you. I am going there alone using the LRT so I was worried if it would be dangerous.

    Is one visit enough?

    How much did you pay for the medications since you said that it is pretty expensive?


    1. Yes, there is a LRT service to Jalan Pudu but that is not the PUTRA line though. You may have to transit from KL Sentral but I’m not too sure though.

      Is one visit enough? Hahaaha- I remember Dr David Mun telling me “if you’re well already, why come back again?” But to be frank – you need to visit him at least twice. Once to get treatment. The second time is to assess your condition and receive treatment again, if necessary.

      The cost. Ahhh yes. It can vary from RM200 to nearly RM400. Yes, you may think it is expensive but the herbs are in large quantities and divided into three sessions. One session = 4 packets. 3 sessions x 4 packets = 12 times.

      And also – the herbs are very difficult to source. The shop owner himself told me that himself.

  3. By the way, does the doctor speak English since he has patients from other countries as well?

    I tired calling the number but unfortunately the guy on the phone does not understand English so I am unable to make an appointment.

  4. Yes, Dr David speaks English, but not fluently. Gee – don’t you speak Chinese? Try speaking Bahasa Malaysia then. Yes, the shop owner is a huge, portly man and he doesn’t speak English well. His wife does, though.

    1. You mentioned that your medications are separated into three sessions. Does that mean 3 visits or did you get all the 3 sessions of medications on first visit?


    1. Hi May. To my knowledge, I did not vomit after consuming the herbs. But I know I did have diarrhea because the medicines are designed to “cleanse” your system before it can work. That’s how naturotherapy works. You gotta remove the problem before you can maintain and protect it.

      However – you should consult him again if your diarrhea continues non-stop with other symptoms present. May I ask what your ailment is? If you don’t want to reveal it publicly, you may email me in confidentiality.

    1. Hi Mark,

      You were right about him. Met him two days ago and finished first packet of herbs. Can feel the progress inside my body. Warm but nice. bloated stomach gradually dissapeard and angin reduced a lot. Cant wait fo second packet eventhough the taste was unimaginable. He asked me to come back after finish the medication to ensure all prob gone i guess. He said “makan ubat sampai habis lepas tu jumpa saya lagi sekali. Then u will be ok. No worries”.

      Thanks for sharing Mark. Really appreciate it.

      1. You are most welcome, Encik Mazli. Hope your illness will disappear in no time at all! Thanks for the comments too!

  5. Hi Makkay,

    Your blog is very informative and give me alternative way to try. I think i have the same problem as u had. Backache and bloated stomach which I simply blame to gastric. I will definetely find a time to see him. After cNY. I guess he can speak Malay or english right? 🙂

    1. Hi Mazli,

      yes, Dr David speaks Bahasa Malaysia and English. In fact, I’ve seen many Malays, Indians and even Caucasians waiting for their turns to see him. It is advisable to call and make an appointment first. If I’m not wrong, he usually takes about a month off for the Chinese New Year holidays.

  6. Hello is the doc David mun of kian yin really good as I would like to consult him as I don’t live nearby I need your opinion thanks a lot

    1. Hi Evelyn,

      It is really difficult to define “really good.” What works for me might not work for you. Traditional Chinese medicine also depends on how well your body reacts to it. However, many people who have consulted him says his medicine worked for them. You have to consult him and only then can you decide.

  7. Does it take a lot of visit to be cure. ? Have to see every two weeks that will be difficult as I don’t live near and my husband dont have the time to bring me there often really grateful for your reply

  8. I’m very interested in learning traditional chinese medicine and herbal medicine after getting exposed by it.. I wonder what are the chances of a Malay practicing chinese medicine (although my grandmother is a chinese) specified in acupunture.. 🙂 I’m currently studying for SPM this year.. thinking of pursuing that course but quite afraid of it…huhu..

    1. Dear Nur Diana,

      thank you for commenting on my blog.

      I strongly encourage you to pursue your dreams of learning traditional Chinese medicine and therapy. There are many such programmes available now, just google for it.

      I think that you, as a Malay (or Indian, for that matter) – have a high chance of learning traditional Chinese medicine – just as long as you learn the Chinese language. In fact, my idol Shila Amzah speaks better Mandarin than I do and she learned the language in such a short time!

      Do not be afraid of pursuing your dreams or one day in the future you may regret that you did not do so. Malaysia, like the rest of the world – is changing rapidly. We must not be handicapped by your race. We are all Malaysians. Do keep in touch with me and I’ll be more than happy to help you in any way I can!


  9. Hi Markkay
    Great Post.
    Just wanted to know if Mr. David can help to heal from even very ancient chronic diseases.
    And will the guys at the practice help me with the medicines.

    1. Dear Viv, I can’t answer your question as I am not a TCM practitioner. Secondly, you did not mention your condition. Ancient chronic disease sounds pretty vague to me. And I do not know what you mean by “will the guys at the practice help me with the medicines”. I can only hazard a guess that you mean will Dr David Mun prescribe the medicine and will the shop’s workers pack them for you? If that’s the question, yes is the answer. If you cannot share your condition here publicly, you can write to me personally. Thanks!

      1. Hi Markkay
        I would like to write to you to ur personal email.
        Can you please let me know your emailid.

  10. Hi Mark Kay,

    Can you help me to check whether Dr David can treat autoimmune disease ? , especially Multiple connective tissue disease which Rheumatoid arthritis is one of it.

    1. Hi Wan,

      sorry for the late reply Your message somehow found its way into my spam box. I really cannot tell you whether Dr David Mun can treat your disease you specified. You must know that the diagnosis is vastly different between TCM and Western medicine. You need to go see him and then only can he treat you. Hope this helps in a small way.

  11. I saw dr yesterday and was quite shock even though i was well aware about his style through ur article (thanks a lot otherwise we will be super angry). He started by scolding my husband as when he asked my name, my husband answer (im not local, cant speak Malay or Chinese, only English). We told him that i just lost babie 2 days ago at 8w and we would like to have some medicine to strengthen my uterus. He didnt care and said i am at early stage of thyroid (i assume he saw my neck is a bit big even though it was big since i was 12 and whenever doctor noted on my neck, they would ask me to do blood test and the latest one was about 5 months ago. The result was no problem with thyroid).
    Continue with Dr. Mun’s consultant, he mentioned about my character and eating habit and confirmed i have thyroid. Yes, my husband noted but highlighted that i just aborted the babie 2 days ago as the babie cannot grow, i was still bleeding bow and wished to have some medicine to settle uterus problem. He asked my husband to use the brain to think, Malaysia Boleh mah, then think la. Since he asked mw to avoid some kind of food (but didnt tell the name) theb my husband just asked whether i should skip coffee (bcoz i was adddicted to coffee) then again dr. Mun said “use ue brain to think la, malaysia boleh mah.”.
    I finally went home with thyroid medicine 300myr . Before leaving, we asked any follow up after we finish the medicine and the answer is “you just finish the medicine first”. Even though i know dr. Mun is very straightforward but as a woman who just lost babie 2 days ago, i wish to have some chinese herb to help my uterus immediately as i am still bleeding but he does not even care. Dr. Mun even said if we dun trust him, just go out. Or if we dun listen to him , forever i cannot concieve. To be frank, we dun even have any chance to show that we dun trust him. We can only ask what shouls eat, what should do and then get scolded immediately. Furthermore, when he knew that i am not local but a vietnamese at the beginning, he looked at me and gave me a sarcastic smile.

  12. Hi Mark Kay,
    May I know if Dr David consults for severe back pain? I have spine compression…. many thanks in advance!

      1. Hi Felicia. Thanks for writing. For severe backache, try Wan Seng Acupuncture in Jalan Gasing. Dr David Mun only treats disease and illness. Wan Seng Acupuncture is listed on my blog.

  13. Hi Mark, thanks for sharing the post, I have also make an appointment on this Saturday to pay a visit to Dr David. Just want to ask, what can we use to boil the herbal medicine, as saw we need to use 17-18 bowls of water to boil the herbs, then we must use a big pot to boil it, however, the normal chinese medicine pot only can carry 5 bowls of water.

    1. Hi Citrine, Thanks for writing. Yes, Dr David Mun’s herbal preparations are humongous! I usually use a big earthenware pot which can be purchased at the shop itself. Or, I use a pressure cooker which cuts boiling time significantly. Only problem is, the cooker pot has a herbal odour. Hahahaha

      1. Thanks Mark ^^ I guess I probably need to purchase the pot from the shop as well, as it’s really hard to get a big earthenware pot which can carry 17-18 rice bowls of water, haha~

  14. Hi Mark Kay, how is your backache? Which treatment eventually helped your backache, Dr David Mun or Dr Chong or is it Wan Seng Acupunture?

    1. Hi Christine. Sorry for the late reply.

      As to your question, I’d think it’s a combination of both TCM doctors, plus my daily evening walks. I hardly need to visit them nowadays. Thank goodness for that! 🙂

      Also – I’m practising Bagua now which is good for health.

  15. Hi Mr Mark, which Chinese practitioner uses herbal patches for treatment..At the moment I’ve tried accupuncture and also herbal boiled medication for my sacroiliac joint pain but it only gave temporary relief.. I was told the herbal patches is the one which heals the injured area. Any suggestion ? Thanks

  16. Hi,
    I met him yesterday , he asked me to boil 17 rice bowl of water into 2 rice bowl.
    I have a few questions…
    Do you really boil the whole packet and divide into 3 sessions?
    If you really do, wouldn’t the 2nd or 3rd sessions be cold already?

    I just took the first packet but I still don’t feel anything yet …. =(
    Am I doing anything wrong with the boiling process?
    I need some advice from you because i don’t really know how to boil medicine
    Excuse me ~

    1. Yes, EngKiat – you divide what you have boiled into 3 portions, then drink the first bowl. When it is time to drink the 2nd & 3rd bowl, simply fill up a bowl and heat it up. Don’t reboil it again. Use a metal stand, place the bowl over it into a wok, fill the wok with water (not too much, just enough to cover the metal stand), cover the wok and heat it for about 5 minutes.

      You won’t feel anything just after your first session. Probably after you finish the entire session. Hope this helps.

      1. Hi,
        Thank you for the reply …
        Because I’ve seen so many of guys around here reply seeing result after the first packet …
        I was wondering how come mine different haha ..
        Can I use oven to hear up my medicine?

        Do you really really boil down to 2 bowl of rice measurement?
        I tried to do that but because the herbs is alot I couldn’t see the level of water already.
        I thought it dried up . Then when I scoop everything , is actually more than 2 bowl ..
        Is that okay?

        Or what method could you share with me?
        Thank u

      2. Hi EngKiat, you will feel the different after 3 visits, I’m an example. I no need to take my hormone pil for my hormone imbalance after three surgeries.

        For your reference:
        I used the casserole which sold at the shop, put 17 rice bowls water, use full flame gas to boil. Around 1.5 hours it will be around 2 bowls. I separate it to 3 equal portions, then heat it in microwave for 30 seconds for 2 and 3 portion.

    2. EngKiat – I have not heard of anybody using an oven to heat up Chinese medicine. Heehee. Personally, I don’t trust microwave or conventional ovens. I prefer the traditional way of using a wok.

  17. Hi Citrine. You saved my life! I was scratching my head, wondering how to explain to Engkiat as I’m not well-versed with cooking terminology. You felt better after seeing Dr David Mun or after the surgeries. I suppose you meant to say “treatments”. Domo arigato!

    1. Haha, you are welcome Mark!

      I have endometriosis, and have undergo 2 surgeries before to remove ovarian cysts and uterus polyps. Due to this, I have to always take progesterone hormone pil to balance up my hormone level (my estrogen level too high).

      Last 2 weeks, I went for my endometriosis checkup, my doctor told me my uterus thickness back to normal although I have stop the pil for 9 months time! (Estrogen too high will cause uterus thicker than normal). This is such a good news me! Thanks to Dr. Mun, now I can stop the hormone pil which I have take for 5 years T.T

      Besides, I have gastric since small, but after 3 visits to Dr. Mun, I can feel recently I didn’t suffer from gastric anymore.

      Thank you Mark, because is your post bring me to Dr. Mun =)

      And… Every time I visit him, he keep asking me how I know him, then I always repeat the same stories to him, then he will ask me, with a post, you so believe and come to visit me? Hahaha~ He is very funny =D

      1. hi citrine, just a question. Did you mention your cyst problem to Dr.David before he started to write down the prescription or he ask you ? i’ve made an appointment to see him this saturday. tq

      2. Hi Harman. I’ve forwarded your comment to Citrine. Anyway – it has come to my attention that Dr David Mun has appeared to be rude, sarcastic and off colour with his comments. To be honest, I do agree with my readers’ comments. If he happens to behave like that when you see him this Saturday, pay no attention to his misdemeanour. That’s his way of testing you. Take care and good luck.

  18. Thank you for your compliments, Citrine and I am glad that what I have written had helped you. Do you mind if I write a new post using your comments for the benefit of others who may have the same problem as you?

    Thank you again, Citrine!

    1. Hi Mark, I’m OK with that. Additional information, one of the three medicine which Dr Mun provide, is super super super x 10 bitter… It’s really a challenge =.=

  19. I was silly to write oven
    Is actually microwave
    I laugh when I see back at my previous post

    I really really appreciate all the replies I get from everyone =)
    Thanks alot ~
    I do hope I recover from my stomach sickness …

    1. Ahahahaha….EngKiat, that was why I was scratching my head. I’ve never heard of anyone heating herbal soups using an oven.

      I am 100% certain you will get well soon. By the way, you did not share about your experiences when you met Dr. David.

      1. I have a very bad gastric
        My stomach is bloated and gassy all the time
        Whenever I eat, I feel like vomiting out
        Is really bad and it feels like indigestion
        I went to the hospital and doc did a scope from the mouth
        He saw ulcer and inflammation inside
        He gave some medicine and it doesn’t really work
        I went to Chinese sinseh to seek help but still no improvement
        I ran out of idea seriously …
        I’m guessing this is it, fated to be like this…
        Until I ran upon this blog, I read everything and I decided I mUst see this doc.
        And now I’m happy that I did,
        Even though I still don’t see any changes yet but after all the stories and experiences everyone had, I’m quite confidence he will be able to cure me
        I thank you markkay

  20. Hi, I’m new to dr mun but is he very temperamental w couples seeking advice n help to conceive? He seem to be very harsh like we offended him or something before we even say something. How can v communicate better with him?

    1. Dear PS,

      I’m afraid I cannot help you with Dr David’s temperament. What I can advise you is just don’t bother about what he says. You are there to get healed and that’s what matters most. Just smile. He may want to test you, as many old masters do.


      1. Hi there,
        Thanks for the reply I agree w ur saying n yeah it may b the test period like allold masters do. Is Jz tht I thought I would be able to tell him more abt my condition n v can actually discuss for a faster recovery. Probably I think too much. Thanks for your reminder. Thanks a lot

  21. Hi Harman, from what I experienced, while I start to mention my sickness to Dr Mun, he had already start writing, and he seldom asked me any questions, but of cause, I have keep explaining my every single problems to him included my cysts operation. For, I feel that we as a patient, it’s our responsible to provide doctor our sick “signal”, but not to test him out @_@ Just my opinion.

    Yes, he do look serious, however, he is actually a nice guy, do not afraid of him, what he said actually is just for our own good.

    And Mark, I think I will go back to Dr Mun again after 3 visits to Endah Parade Dr. Although need to boil the medicine but I feel it really worth for every single penny =)

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences, Citrine, and thanks for taking time to visit my blog.

      Indeed, Dr David is a very nice man at heart. What he cannot stand is, Chinese who cannot speak a word of Chinese; and those who think they are very clever. Strangely, he has never lost his temper with me. So Harman, don’t worry. Just keep your peace and everything will be ok.

      1. Super agreed @_@ And he can’t stand with people who have bad lifestyle habits… As I heard he scolding the patient before… I am the next patient after he scolding =.= Luckily when my turn, his mood still ok… But I do nervous loo…

      2. Absolutely right, Citrine! And for your info, Dr David speaks Thai too. I know because I was conversing in Thai with a friend once and he joined in the conversation – shocking us with his command of the Thai language! Ha!

  22. To be honest, sitting in that small office from morning to afternoon, and having to attend to all the patients will certainly make one’s mood foul – especially when you are facing people who have bad lifestyles or think they are super clever.

  23. Hi Mr. Mark & Ms.Citrine, after reading all comments, i’m sure i have guts to meet him. My wife having same issues as Ms.Citrine. my wife already undergo 2 surgeries and the cyst keep appear. it never stop..BTW tq for the reminder & will share my experience with u guys.

    1. Just b humble n unpretentious most importantly. Better if you are familiar with Buddhist greetings, just submit to his whims as no harm shall befall you n wife. The moment you stand before him he has already diagnosed your problems. Remember he gets no fees, its his social obligation, long overdue to his master and there is a donation box by the door for his deemed causes. Master David is 81 yo and practicing for 48 years. Your wife shall receive salvation.

      1. Thank you for your kind comment, Chee Mun. Yes, I forgot to add that he does not take a single cent for consultation. There is a donation box next to him and he uses the donations for schools, orphanages and the like. And yes – do not underestimate Dr David. Before you even walk into the room, he already knows who you are. There is another story to this but I shall reserve this story for another time. But – let’s be clear. He is the best.

    2. Yes, Harman. Please do share your experiences here, even if you kena “bamboo” by Dr David. Hahahaha. Keep your cool, be humble. He will criticize you for your lifestyle, the things you eat and so forth but those are for your own good. He told me once to feed my son nothing but white porridge for a week to flush out all the toxins, and then only take his medicine for 100% cure.

    3. Hi Harman, same as your wife, I have also undergo 2 surgeries for endometrial cyst (2009 and 2011), afterthat, I have to go to hospital for regular checkup and also taking the hormone pills to balance up my hormone. Due to this, my body super weak. And I have gastric since secondary school, suffer from acid reflux every time eating after hungry for few hours. Until last year end, I am kind of tired for this kind of “none stop” medication, pills… And after reading Mark’s post, I went to Dr Mun. Thank you Mark, haha~

      And remember that, you wife have to follow up with him at least 3 visits, for my experience, I didn’t see any different after my first medication, then after my second medication, my colleagues they start to tell me I look good and more glow.

      After my 3rd medication, until now, my gastric gone, no more acid reflux after eating while I am hungry. I every time tell my colleagues, I super thankful to Dr Mun T.T

      And I have also went back to my gynae for regular checkup, that time I have stop my hormone pill for around 3 months time, and after checkup, doctor said my condition looks good, uterus wall thickness back to normal, wahaha~

      Wish your wife speedy recovery Harman, if she follow Dr Mun medication, she will be free from hormone pills (Yes, I am phobia on this =.=”), good luck ya!

      1. Hi Ms.Citrine, you really made my day so special. i will keep that in mind. thank you for getting back to me & thank you for providing the requested information 🙂

      2. Dear Jimmy, people from as far as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other parts of the word travel to KL just to consult him. Melaka is not too far away from KL if you need to find a cure for your illness.

      1. Hi there Jimmy. I cannot comment because I am not a doctor. You should go visit Dr David Mun and see what he says. Good luck!

  24. Hi Markkay, thanks for this interesting article. Am wondering if Dr David is still practicing at the same place? Appreciate your assistance.

  25. have called the clinic few times, ringing but no answer.. hope the number is still the same – 03-2142 5230 . I would like to bring my wife over for Thyroid (goiter) treatment.

  26. Hi Markkay,

    Today I went to the shop and found it was closed. The lady in front of the shop, who runs a food shop, told me something like the BOSS is dead and hence the shop will be closed for a month. I am not sure I understood her correctly, but every time I went there, even as early as 8:30 AM, I always found the shop open in working days. She also suggested me to check on China Town about the doctor. Something must be wrong or I understood her totally wrong. I asked her whether the doctor himself died, as I don;t know who is the BOSS in that shop. But she probably said doctor not died. The problem was she was not understanding what I was asking her in English. I didn’t understand correctly what she means either. However, whoever died in that place (if at all) is not a good news for many of us, who somehow benefited from taking medicine from the doctor. Is it possible for you Chinese speaking people to give that shop a call and give us the real news as to what happened really there? That would surely be a nice help. Also some other questions come is my mind like, if the shop is closed, then how long it’d be closed? Where the doctor seeing patient by this time? I’d really appreciate any of your help to get a news from that place. Have a nice day!

    1. Hi Al Abdul – sorry for the late reply. I had been travelling and busy in my work. I am shocked to hear that the boss of the medical hall had passed away.

      I haven’t called the shop to enquire yet but I will do so soon & keep you informed. Thanks!

      1. Hi, Mark and Al Abdul. I tried calling the number but no one picking up. My hubby went and check out the place. The hawker stall uncle told him that Dr David Mun has shifted to Petaling Street. Somewhere along the same row of shops as the Mata Kucing Longan drink stall. It’s another Chinese herbal medicine shop called Tim Fatt or Chin Fatt (not sure of spelling as the hawker stall owner was very reluctant to entertain my hubby). I will check it out soon and update everyone here. Mark, thanks so much for your kindness and generosity of sharing such useful information here. I am also a strong believer in alternative medicine/treatment. Grateful for your blog!

      2. No, I should thank you instead, Clarice for helping everyone here. Like you, I am a firm believer in alternative medicine. I have recently found a chiropractor / bone setter who really work wonders and he is operating from Seremban. I’ll write a post on him as soon as I’m free. Thank you again, Clarice!

    2. Doc David Mun is alive n kicking operating once a week only in Chinatown at 0320783229 while waiting for the next of kin to resolve family matters

    1. HI Good Day Mr.Mark Kay
      Would like to check with you if you know any good “Tit Ta” or acupressure guru. My eldest daughter is having shoulder pain & her hand sometime
      trembled due to excessive basketball training.

      Awaits for your favorable reply.

      Thanks & regards

      Ng Siew Hwa

      Think Before You Print

      From: “www.markkay.wordpress.com”

      To: siewhwa.ng@cimb.com,

      Date: 09/03/2016 11:11 PM

      Subject: [New comment] Dr. David Mun: Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

      Roy Anthony commented: “Does Dr. David Mum see patients at
      Kien Fatt Medical Store besides Pudu? Thanks,”

      1. Hi Siew Hwa, I highly recommend the Wan Seng Accupuncture Centre. Although it specializes in acupuncture, the good sinsei there also treats sprains and bruises. Just brought my son there last week after spraining his ankle. The sinsei applied some medicine and smelly herbs and my son recovered in just 3 days!

      2. HI Good Day Me. Mark
        Can you pls advise the price for the treatment. Wan Seng Acupunture own by local/Malaysian?

        Thanking you in advance.

        Thanks & regards

        Ng Siew Hwa

        From: http://www.markkay.wordpress.com

        To: siewhwa.ng@cimb.com,

        Date: 10/04/2016 03:54 PM

        Subject: [New comment] Dr. David Mun: Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

        markkay commented: “Hi Siew Hwa, I highly recommend the Wan Seng Accupuncture
        Centre. Although it specializes in acupuncture, the good sinsei there also treats
        sprains and bruises. Just brought my son there last week after spraining his ankle.

      3. Yes, Wan Seng Acupuncture is operated by a local Chinese Malaysian.

        Acupuncture costs around RM20 per session.

        Treatment for bruises/sprains is RM35.

      4. HI Good Day Mr.Mark Kay
        Millions thanks for the info provided. Have a nice day.

        Thanks & regards

        Ng Siew Hwa

        From: http://www.markkay.wordpress.com

        To: siewhwa.ng@cimb.com,

        Date: 10/05/2016 11:12 PM

        Subject: [New comment] Dr. David Mun: Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

        markkay commented: “Yes, Wan Seng Acupuncture is operated by a local Chinese
        Malaysian. Acupuncture costs around RM20 per session. Treatment for
        bruises/sprains is RM35. “

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