Fraser’s Hill – the homestead in my heart


Fraser’s Hill – SilverPark Apartment & nature

I visited Fraser’s Hill yet again. For the umpteenth time, and yes – when people ask what is it that makes me go back there again and again – my answer is the peace, tranquillity and the cool weather.

We stayed at the Silverpark Apartment, owned by the same management as Puncak Inn. The weekend rate is RM250.00 (weekday about RM160) and how’s the apartment?

It was ok. There is an infra-red cooker which you use to cook home cooked food if you are sick of the outside food. However – don’t hope for plates, kitchenware or even the necessary forks and spoons. There aren’t any. There is an electric kettle and fridge, and that’s it! The barest of amenities.

The apartment unit is spacious, with a breathtaking view of the undulating landscape. Simply marvellous! You can literally stand on the balcony and take in the splendorous view and fresh air. No sounds of honking cars (admittedly, some!) or traffic jams. On some cool windy days, you can hear the wind whispering her secrets accompanied by birds chirping merrily.

The living room is spacious and comfortable. If the day is slightly warm, you’d probably fall asleep without you even knowing it thanks to the cool weather and tranquillity.

The beds were very comfortable though. But I can’t say much about the bathroom though. For the price you pay, you’d expect something slightly better. I must say that the Malaysian hospitality industry certainly needs a rethinking and upholstering (no pun intended). Yes, there is a bathtub in the master bedroom but if you look at the state of the bathtub, you’d think twice about having a spa-riffic time there. You’re better off with the shower. The hot water is a real bonus though!

Food around Fraser’s Hill? Only one place – at the Food Garden located between the road to Allan Waters and the Smokehouse. There is only one restaurant serving Chinese food and it’s a crying shame that the food there is pricey. The other Malay restaurants serve western and traditional fare, and quality of the food depends on the mood of the cook, if you know what I mean. There is a restaurant in Puncak Inn (town centre) and frankly – it’s no big deal either.

However – the scones in the Smokehouse is to die for. The same can be said about the price too. RM18 for two scones and tea. So be prepared to fork out nearly RM40 just for afternoon English tea inclusive of tax. It is an experience dining in the beautiful garden though. You should at least try it once!

Back to the question (which I get tired of answering): “what do I do in Fraser’s Hill?” I love the winding road up there because I love drifting. However – it is difficult to drive fast because of certain treacherous corners. Not to mention crazy (and probably high on drugs) truckers that don’t give a hoot whether you are there or not.

I love Fraser’s because of the morning and evening walks. It’s very very spiritual, and enriching at the same time. You feel one with nature, embracing the soft kisses of the wind, listening to insects and not cars. Marvelling at the never seen before bird species. These make my day! Not the food, not the accommodation. It’s nature that draws me back again and again.

I remember writing an award winning ad in Fraser’s way back in 1994. Yes – Fraser’s Hill gives me the inspiration. The walks give me the perspiration and it’s all worth going back there!


To book, please call Puncak Inn at 09-362 2007 and ask for Silverpark 2-room or studio apartment.


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