Address & consultation times

The Wan Seng Acupuncture Centre is one of the best I’ve been. Yes, I’ve consulted Mr Chong (see my other post) but I thought I’d better get a second opinion. It’s my bad back and stiff shoulders.

Be early if you want to wait for your turn as the patients can be many. In fact – I’ve been there three times and I had to wait for more than 40 minutes for my turn.

Do not expect the treatment room to be hospital standard. The sifu is a bespectacled man of about 50+ and looks harassed. I would be too, if I had that many patients waiting for me to administer the acupuncture needles! The patients come from all walks of life. I’ve seen even Japanese and Koreans, Malays, Indians and heck – it looks like a congregation of a mini United Nations over there!

There are two treatment rooms in the centre. One for males & the other for females. In each room there are about four treatment beds and some chairs if you do not require to lie face down or up.

The treatment is fast and effective. The sifu will come ask you what’s your problem and then administer the needles into your body. It’s painless but the needles are connected to electrically charged wires where you can adjust the vibration speed. I believe these are to stimulate your meridian points.

Most of the patients are elderly, usually with bad backs or legs. One thing for sure, he is good and he is brazen and confident enough to tell you that you don’t need to come back if there is no more pain, unlike other TCM practitioners.

As for the charges, acupuncture costs less than RM20. Try it – you don’t lose anything except your time and again, I tell you he’s good!


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