Cameron Highlands: Up Boh Tea Country

Myself in Cameron Highlands

I’ve always liked Cameron Highlands. The fresh air, the cool temperature (and it was really cold!), the lush vegetation, the many fruits and vegetables to buy, the good food and many more.

But – it’s not the destination. It’s the journey there. The road up from Simpang Pulai is a drifter’s paradise. Sharp corners, hairpin loops, uphill curves – wow! It’s certainly a good getaway from the stresses of the modern world.

As you ascend Cameron Highlands from Simpang Pulai (40mins leisure drive), you’ll get to see many fascinating sights like the Orang Asli (aborigine) huts and many hydroponic or strawberry farms.

Orang Asli hut by the side of the road. These abrogines usually sell fruits or vegetables.
Strawberry farm

Yes, Cameron Highlands is home to Boh Tea, Malaysia’s very own tea brand. The vast Boh Tea estate with its miles and miles of tea plants as far as the eye can see. You can even have tea, scones and other cakes at the Boh Tea education & recreational centre.

Have a bite of delicious muffins and down it with hot tea!

Apart from that, there’s a speciality tea shop in town, or Brinchang. Yes, the two major towns are Brinchang (at the peak) and Tanah Rata (translated – “Flat Land” about 5km away from Brinchang.

Food wise, Cameron Highlands give you an array of delicious foods. You can go for traditional Chinese, Malay or Indian fare. In Tanah Rata there is a German restaurant that serves non-halal (non-kosher) food.

Vast selection of teas from a specialty tea shop in Brinchang

For me, I’d rather go for the “steamboat” accompanied by various freshly plucked vegetables and meats (halal and non-halal are available). The thrill is in placing the ingredients in yourself and waiting patiently for it to boil. Tanah Rata has a bus station and opposite it is a row of shops that offer really delicious foods whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And yes – they also have nice “mamak” shops for you to enjoy good tea on cold mornings or nights.

If you enjoy nature, you are sure to enjoy the plants! Indeed, there is a Rose Garden here with a rich showcase of roses, orchids and other plants. Not to mention peculiar vegetables too!

Colourful plants, rare orchids and peculiar vegetables

Accommodation is a plenty here. In Brinchang alone, you can find many hotels, motels and affordable night stays from as low as RM60 on weekdays and non-peak season. The Century Pines Resort in Tanah Rata is not bad. For slightly over RM200, you’ll get a nice, clean stay but I can’t say much about the breakfast though. It’s just short of being pathetic. The Country Lodge resort is not bad too. Its been refurbished recently and the good thing about it is its proximity to the town centre. The downside is you’ll be hearing the noisy hustle and bustle of the activities, be it construction work-in-progress or from the noisy morning and night market.

The Country Lodge Resort in Brinchang

















Good food, nice getaway and cool highland atmosphere is what you get here in Cameron Highlands. Although I still prefer Fraser’s Hill for its tranquillity, Cameron Highlands has its attraction and there are more things to do here than Fraser’s Hill.

Freshly cooked vegetables from the Water Cress Restaurant, Brinchang

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