CHOI SUNG BONG wrote to me

This post is all about Choi Sung Bong, the 22-year old orphan from Korea who clinched 2nd place in “Korea’s Got Talent”. He has lived a terrible childhood, having left the orphanage at 5 years old after being beaten. Survived by selling gums and energy drinks. Slept in hallways and public toilets. Was bundled away some time later by local gangs into the mountains and nearly buried alive.

Then one night, he chanced upon a singer who according to Sung Bong – sang with sincerity. That changed his life and he wanted to pursue a singing career. His passion for singing brought him to a kind teacher, Mr Jung So Park who gave him once a month singing lessons for free. In return, Sung Bong helped out with the household chores.

His first audition touched the hearts of the audience and judges on “Korea’s Got Talent”, and nearly 11,600,000 viewers on youtube. He was clearly slated to win but alas – he managed to secure only the 1st runner up. All expenses to the competition was borne by him and after the contest, he was left with a mere US 40 cents, Tinnitus (a ringing in the ear disorder caused by an earlier accident).

That got us to embark on a Facebook Campaign –> / to help him out.

This is a brand new group page.

We were parked in an earlier Facebook Fan Page. Somehow, our postings went missing and spammers, seeing the popularity of that page started coming in.

The "Hands across the world for Choi Sung Bong" campaign

I felt I had to help in the way I could – through my writing and video editing skills. You can see some of them on the Facebook fan page.

I was pleasantly surprised that Sung Bong took the time to write me a personal thank you note. Was I happy to receive it!

Sung-Bong wrote. "Hello, Mark Kay. Thank you for your thoughts and cheering for me. If there's a chance , let's meet!"

Getting a personal note from such a humble person like Sung Bong was wonderful! Thank you, Sung Bong – for knowing that you have me and many, many others around the world to support you. We want you to get better, come out with a CD and you’ll never have to walk alone again!

Sung Bong has a PayPal account which you can help contribute towards his needs. Please help ensure that he never has to go back to selling gums. The account is:

Below are some photos Sung Bong taken with his mentor and teacher, Mr Jung So Park. He was about 14.

My contributions to promote better awareness for Sung Bong:

An ethereal setting befitting a Nella Fantasia
A fantasy that will become a reality soon

By the way, the PayPal promotion works. Check out our Facebook page to hee Sung Bong’s letters and appreciation — / Here’s the proof:


6 thoughts on “CHOI SUNG BONG wrote to me

  1. Mark Kay thank you for your article on Sung-Bong Choi. I’m HK Chong from The Canticle Singers, Malaysia. Would you mind contacting me via the email below as I would like to communicate with you regarding Sung-Bong Choi ASAP

    Thanks and regards
    HK Chong

  2. Mark Kay…How is Sung Bong doing now? I just happened upon his story on You Tube. I cried like a baby! Is there any way he could get to the States? I just know there is a manager, singer, someone in the entertainment business, altruistic person who will take him into his/her home and see that he gets the support that he needs. He deserves to succeed for not only himself, but for all of mankind. He is a true inspiration, and he can continue to do so much good for humankind. What can be done to help him? Has anyone stepped forward from any country to do any of this? Where is he living now? How is he supporting himself? Is his country helping him in any way? You are a truly wonderful, generous soul for reaching out to him with your help.

    1. Dear Ann,

      thank you for your comment. Sungbong is doing fine and he has just finished a concert in Ipswich, USA. There are a lot of fans supporting him and there is also a PayPal Site where kind donors can help support him. He is still living in Korea and there are plans to help this very talented boy get an education!

      1. God bless you all that give Sung Bong Choi a much need helping hand and give all of us a chance to join in the donation. Please also make sure that he will get a good education !!!! I will make certain that I will keep sending him support.

  3. Mr. Sungbong, reminds me of a baraon singer from the 1930’s, Vaugh Monroe. If I am not mistaken he was the first to sing “GOST RIDERS IN THE SKY”, around 1936/37. It would be great if Mr. Sungbong would sing that in a back drop of Gost Riders, steers breating fire, and so forth. I first saw his audition last week (5/5/2012), his life has been hard, how did he ever obtain that baraton voice after what he went through, it is amazing. I wonder if Korea realizes they have a special “diamond in the rough”. Mr. Sungbong, entertain the world. Thanks

    Larry Tyson

  4. Hi Mark Kay,

    I’m from an Event Company that based in Malaysia. We will like to invite Mr. SongBong-Choi to perform in an International Annual Award Dinner. Please contact me via email that provided and we will continue with the details.

    Thank You.

    Adam Lee

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