Hands Across the World for Sung Bong

There comes a time when you just cannot ignore what you have to do. Busy as I usually am, I am compelled to give a helping hand to Choi Sung Bong.

Choi Sung who? If you don’t know who am I talking about then chances are you must be living in Pluto. 11,000,000 people have heard and seen him sing on “Korea’s Got Talent.” He was rooted to be the champion but things usually don’t happen much as we expect them to.

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. When you’re number 2, the road ahead to being number 1 makes it even more exciting, more rewarding. I take it like me on my mountain races. I don’t like being in the lead because of the tremendous pressure I’ll feel having another car pushing me ahead. You’ll need to go faster and faster until you reach a burnout point.

I am not going to delve on Choi Sung Bong’s sad story. You know that already. What I am going to say here is: what are we going to do about it. How are we going to help him. Visit www.facebook.com/pages/Choi-Sung-Bong-Fan-Page/ and you’ll find just about what you can and should do in the deepest recesses of your heart.



2 thoughts on “Hands Across the World for Sung Bong

  1. Lovely story and information! Well done. Sung Bong Choi is an honest, humble, talented man who’s willing to work hard, to make a life not only for himself but other orphans, as he has shown by his countless charity concerts and talks to kids.

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