Mr Chong Yoon Yen: Extraordinary Healer

I did mention about Mr Chong Yoon Yen’s extraordinary healing powers. This time around, he consented to my photographing him for my blog.

Mr Chong Yoon Yen


At first glance, you’ll be amazed at Mr Chong’s frame. He’s well-built (kinda reminds me of a Wrestler or body builder) and his fingers are humongous!

According to him, his healing methods are simple: Qigong with in-born healing powers and a keen understanding of the human skeletal structure.

I visited him for my third treatment. My back is getting better. No more pain and no more tossing and turning around on my bed due to the bad back. According to him, the discs at the back (L1 & L2) are somewhat off alignment and all he did was to align it – using the healing powers of nature.

Consider this: no surgery, no pills to pop. No side effects. Only RM40 per session. And it works. Ahh yes – you’ll have your injury plastered with a herbal concoction and that’s it.

My eldest son’s coccyx or ‘tail bone’ was hurt when his school mate pushed him against a wall. He had been complaining of a stabbing pain when standing from a seating position. And only after one visit – he was healed completely. Amazing!

And testimony to this are the number of people waiting patiently for their turn – some who have been waiting as early as 9am. You’ll have to take the number once inside his clinic. Better yet – give him a call to make your appointment.

So if you’ve been complaining of back pains, dislocated bones or sprains and are seeking a proven, natural way to treat your pain – do contact Mr Chong at 019-336 6718.

Here’s the location & address:


Directions to Mr Chong's clinic in SEA Park, Petaling Jaya


The address is:
37 Jalan 21/17, SEA Park, Petaling Jaya.


56 thoughts on “Mr Chong Yoon Yen: Extraordinary Healer

  1. Thank you for the information.I will be paying him a visit later this week or perhaps early next week. My back is aching for nearly 2 months. Perhaps may be due to pro-long sitting? What are the days that he is opened?

    1. Mr Yong, he is open on most days from as early as 9am except Sundays & public holidays. You should call Mr Chong to make an appointment as the waiting list is kind of long!

  2. Hi Markkay (Should I call you this)

    Rushed to his shop this morning at Sea Park. Sad to day, he is on leave till 3 Jan 2012. I am simply amazed to find the tiny clinic next to the handphone accessories shop. Anyway, it does not matter, what matters most is that it helps to relieve my lower back ache which has been haunting me for a couple of months now. Went to see the orthopaedic, all I hear from them is there is nothing wrong with you based on my x-ray and prescribed me with pain killer and muscle relaxant.

    Actually, I was recommended by another friend who told me he is pretty good. He sorted out his back problem with Dr. Chong. So I decided to google him and found your review.

    I hope you have sorted out 100% of your problem!

    Wonder whether he will pick up calls when he is on leave :-)!

    1. Dear Philip,

      Even though I use a smart phone, I hardly ever use GPS. Anyway -hope this works:

      atitude, longitude:
      3.101075, 101.625625
      3.101075 101.625625
      N03° 6.0645′, E101° 37.5375′

  3. Dear Mr Mark,
    I have been trying to contact MR Chong Yoon Yen, with the mobile number you have given is he still using the same mobile number and is MR Chong Yoon Yen’s clinic in the same location.

    In 2007 he had cured my mums spinal dislocation but again the problem is persisting and hence I intend to go back to him, since i am not from malaysia i want to make sure whether he still runs the clinic before i book my flight and I want to confirm whether he is not on any vacation as i have to take a four hour plane to reach malaysia…

    Pls can u clarify this for me, my email ad: XXXXXXXXX

    many thanks

  4. Dear Fathimath,

    I have replied you at your email address which I have taken the liberty of blocking it for your safety.

  5. Hey Mr Markkay, thank you for the great information of this chinese physician. I was looking for him quite awhile ago and am glad I manage to find it here. However I tried calling him to make an appointment but the line isn’t in service any more. I would like to know what time does he normally operates on weekdays.

    1. Thank you for your comments, Carolina. Your name reminds me of one Prof. Lopez I know. Indeed, Mr Chong is very gifted and very much in demand.

  6. i am interested to find out more about dr chong. care to share more info with me? like where did he further his studies on the human skeletal structures and etc? any other info which is able to be disclosed?

    i am currently seeing a chiropractor myself and i have heard of dr chong but i am somehow afraid of chinese sinseh or tit tar, as i have friends who got hurt badly from a chinese tit tar, her ribs is now dislocated and she is in great pain which now under a chiropractor’s care. and she is now getting better in terms of numbness & tingling sensation + pain.

    i really would like to try out dr chong, but due to the negativity input which i personally had experience before, that chinese tit tar is very harsh n rough towards the bones – where they wil just pull and crack like nobody’s biz, i experienced that before, though i wasnt hurt by it(i suppose), i had stopped totally, because the method is just too dangerous, the tit tar then could just break my ligaments / tendons, by twisting and turning my neck n joints around, oh ya i just recalled i had a very very very bad headache for a week after the cracking of my neck, and that was really bad.

    therefore, i am a bit more cautious now, kindly provide me with more details if there is, i really would be keen to see him and get an assessment for my issues..

    my issue / main concern is not of really pain like what most do when seeing him but more of imbalance / dizziness / instability of my neck. which according to my chiropractor there is a torn ligament on my c4, and there are disc bulges all along from c3-t1. as well as some subluxations noticed from the x ray films.

    as for my back, yes i do experience pain and for this i believe that he would be able to treat my back probably in just a visit. guess that was due to some old injuries on my back and wrist.

    i am from klang, so i would like to know if we were to make an app to see him, how many days in advance do we need to book and what if we were to walk in? will he sees walk in patients? and for those who make app, will the session be punctual or do we still have to wait for hrs before our turn? roughly how long does the first session takes and the follow up ones? care to share more info’s with me?

    Thank you in advance. 🙂


    1. Dear Eelyn,

      I can understand your fear of some of these bogus chiropractors.

      Anyway, Mr Chong is well acquainted with the skeletal system as he did complete a course on that. That is for the “western” side of him. As for his healing abilities, he has what we call “healing hands”. You can call that Qigong if you want. It would take me a day to really explain to you what I mean but suffice to say, he really does have healing powers. I myself was saved from the agony of slipped disc (L1 & L2 – and Mr Chong pointed that out to me, using scientific references). All he did was to push the affected areas with his fingers and that’s all. No mumbo jumbo. After that – he pasted some funny smelling herbs on the affected area. So, rest assured that you will not be required to consume any herbal concoction whatsoever.

      I have two other friends who was cured by him. One had a stroke and the other had a bad back. Bear in mind that Mr Chong also specializes in the nervous system. You must understand Qigong or “Qi” as the universal power. What you don’t see doesn’t mean it’s not there. All Mr Chong needs to do is to use his “Qi” to scan your body and he can detect the problem areas.

      The only one thing I don’t like is waiting for my turn. So if you want to consult Mr Chong, make sure you are one of the first few. In my experience, I have waited three hours for my turn. Luckily there are lots of eateries nearby. Whether you book in advance or not, you will still be required to wait your turn. He will of course, make an exception for those needing emergency treatment.

      I hope this helps you!

  7. Thanks for the reply. Do u mean he looked into your x ray films and point out to you the problem?

    Btw i have called him yday, and he gave me a number 50, which he told me to come around 12am – midnight. Wow.. I am shocked though.

    My friend went over this morning to have a peek of the numbers placed outside, however he told me only two numbers taken, there are 20 over more numbers and from number 3 onwards are still available, he arrived at 8.15am.

    I have my mri and x ray films though, will bring em in for the visit. also i did googled online about qi gong, and i am wondering how is he able to keep on continuing giving out the qi / power without stop? Wouldnt he be tired / exhausted? I am curious though.

    May i know what was your symptoms like and how many visits took u to completely healed and any relapse so far? How many yrs back did u gotten the treatment? What was your exact diagnosis?

    TQ. Would love to hear more about your case though 🙂

  8. Sorry i just noticed your diagnosis – slipped disc. So i am guessing that the pain is so bad that it is really unbearable where you have to pop in pain killers on daily basis? Whats the level of your slipped disc like? Mild, moderate / severe?

    How long does he sees patient per sesssion? For eg your case? how long was your first session and follow up ones? (if there is)

  9. Hello Mr Mark,

    May i know what sort of technique he used to cure your son’s coccyx problem? Internal manipulation? external manipulation? finger insertion to anus to correct coccyx? Because I’m also having the same problem for 2 months with no apparent reason! Your reply is very much appreciated! Thank you!

    1. Hi Derek. It’s internal manipulation using the “Qi”(Chi). No insertion into the anus whatsoever. Difficult to believe huh? Well, my friend’s paralysis (left hand) following a stroke was completely healed after a couple of visits. No joke!

      1. Thanks for the reply! Because it just sound too good to be true! Normally an injured coccyx would take weeks or months (sometimes years) for recovery. So years later your son doesn’t have any problem with prolonged sitting now, does he?

        I’m actually quite interested in reading you, your son’s and your friends recovery especially years after his treatment. Because I hope that his “chi” is different from the “chi” in acupuncture which sometimes only giving a sense of placebo or palliative effect instead of treating the root of problem.

        P.S – Do you know is he working in this week? Planning to give him a try!

  10. Hi Mark, may i know if Dr Chong still operate at the same location? and also what time he starts? because I went pass today at 7:20am & did not see the “Q”. TQ!

  11. Hi Mark, I’ve been trying to call Dr Chong at his hand phone since yesterday but it says that it cannot be contacted. Is he still using the same hand phone ie. 019-33x?

    1. Hi Audrey! I bumped into Mr Chong last month and mentioned that his phone number is not contactable and that many readers such as you have asked me whether he is still operating his clinic. He laughed and told me that he lost his phone recently. But I believe the other reason why Mr Chong doesn’t want to answer calls is because he doesn’t want to be disturbed while prescribing treatment. I know because during my treatment, he sighs a lot when callers call in to ask for appointments. I think you should do what Mr Rupert Singleton did – go there early in the morning and wait for your turn. I can assure you he is still there!

  12. Hi, i would like to share some of my experience with everyone. My sister have fractured her leg. She dislikes to go hospital. Until one day, someone recommended me to bring her to Mr Chong. My sister conditions was very bad. By looking into her eyes, you can say she is in full pain. After several treatment with Mr Chong, what i can say now is that her conditions have improved a lot. She can walk even better and looks more cheerfull. Regarding the long waiting time for the appointment, my experience is waiting is nothing compare with the pain. Actually Mr Chong is a very pleasant and cheerfull guy. I have positif believing that he will able to cure my sister. Kudos to Mr Chong.

    1. Thank you, Harpal! Coincidentally, I just came back from his clinic with my eldest son. He complained of a bad back and shoulder pain. Amazingly, he could feel the improvements almost immediately!

  13. hi markkay,

    how is your slipped disc now, no relapsed of pain?

    i am only only 25 years old but i have very serious bad pain, sometime it give me hard time to sleep.

    i have to sleep side way.I hope dr chong treatment can help me !

    1. Hi JY. The problem sometimes come and go but I can safely say that it’s very much better now. It’s not surprising that at 25, you already have such a problem. My son who is 15 who has back problems consulted Dr Chong. I am sure Dr Chong can help you but you need to see him at least 3 times. Please call him to make prior reservations to avoid having to wait hours for your turn!

  14. This is not a comment to doubt Mr Chong’s skills, but do be careful about calling someone a chiropractor without first checking their certification and qualifications.


    A chiropractor goes through a very systematic education process, and graduates with proper cerfication from the relevent regulatory bodies (none currently in Malaysia) before calling themselves a practicing chiropractor.

    In Malaysia there’s no regulatory body yet so most people just call themselves chiropractor.

      1. Hi Pamela. Sorry for the late reply as I was travelling. Sorry too, because I don’t have Mr Chong’s updated phone number. The only number I have is what you already have.

  15. Hi, i use to be able to twist my right hand(elbow) until i had a dislocated elbow and went for a surgery. After the surgery i did went for a few sessions of physiotherapy and stop. I thought it will automatically recover. But till now i wont be able to twis my elbow.. Is there anything mr chong can help.

    1. Hi Fairuss,

      I think Mr Chong can help you. You need only to see him. My advice is to go there early in the morning. If his clinic is still closed, you can get your number from the Chinese medical hall next door to his clinic. Otherwise call Mr Chong around 3pm and make an appointment. Be warned that you may have to wait long. Good luck!

    1. Definitely. Read my post again and call the number given. Yes, and the queue is long. That’s why you need to call at least two days before the appointment day.

  16. Hi, mr mark. Today’s dr chong here? my leg is very pain coz yesterday i miss a step at stair. So i spine my leg now so much painful can’t move. Or can give me the phone no that i can make appointment by today’s. Thks by jasmine chew

  17. HI, Mr Chong is still operating his klinik in Sea Park, PJ. This is still his number 019-3366 718. Just went and saw him yesterday night. When finished, and about to leave at 9.30pm, was shocked seeing like almost 20 to 30 ppls still in the waiting place. When i went there at 7pm, there are about 5 to 6 ppls.

  18. hi mark,thank you on the sharing of the TCM. I just want to share with u on another healer – Baba Chong in Melaka who specialise in clearing heart blockage.This guy is simply amazing! The adress is 100, jln padang, tanjung minyak, melaka. tel 016 656 2092. can also check facebook for details

    1. Hi Sim,
      I google Baba Chong, and not to doubt his abilities, but most review on him does not have any testimony (first hand) of actual healing…. A lot of hype.

      Can you share if there are any testimony ?

    1. Hi Margaret. Sorry for the late reply as I was overseas. Mr Chong charges RM60 per session. Money is not the issue, the long wait is.

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