A quick reply to Simon re: how to tell a real Buddhist monk from a fake

Simon commented that my posting should not “blind us to the good people”.

That’s a rather vague comment but nonetheless I’d like to instead say “do not allow your emotions blind you into thinking you’re doing good.”

Years ago I saw a beggar who asked me for money. I gave him RM1.00. I thought he needed the money for his lunch as he kept rubbing his tummy. The next thing I knew, he was seated in the same coffee shop as I was, with a small bottle of Guinness Stout on his table.

Now let’s take the case of fake Buddhist monks. They stand outside in crowded places with their alms bowl asking for donations. In return they give you a trinket or maybe a ‘blessing.’ What would you do if you found out the so-called ‘monk’ needs the money to support his drug habit? Buy a bottle of beer perhaps?

Whatever it is – giving them money is actually ENCOURAGING them to be there tomorrow, the day after and month after month. They have normal hands & feet. They can walk. They are in no way physically challenged. So why not get gainful employment?

Remember most of these people are illegal immigrants, much like the infamous Nigerian scammers that prey on you online.


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