Sepang Goldcoast: Is it really worth going?

I’ve said it before that I won’t blog about Sepang Goldcoast. Looks like I need to bend the rules a bit this time. My blog stats show that the most read posts are about Sepang Goldcoast.

I’ve written a lot of positive reviews about this place but that was BEFORE the villas were opened to the public. I was writing for them for a while, and decided to give it up when the person in charge of A&P didn’t even know whether he was coming or going.

So, is Sepang Goldcoast coming to be what it claimed to be. Or is it going to be just another hype?

Truth to be told, it certainly is a great place to go visit. I have not spent a night there. Somehow the management didn’t see fit to allow me to spend a night there for reasons best known to them. In my opinion, you want good reviews written, you just have to let writers or bloggers experience a night’s stay.

What I’ve written in my other posts are from first hand experience. Visiting the original site before the villas were officially opened to the public. A time when the people there were much friendlier, and more professional.

The sea water is nothing much to shout about, and that’s just about how much I can say. But if you really want crystal clear waters, you shouldn’t be here. You’d be better off going island hopping – Redang or Perhentian Islands. No kidding, you can see right through the waters until the sea bed, a distance of about 30 feet below. I’ve been there and I know.

Sepang Goldcoast is for you to relax and unwind. It has its own unique attraction. Its natural setting is beautiful. Just look at the picture above sans photoshop. The evenings are really beautiful here. And I think that’s where the compliments end.

I guess Malaysia has still a long way to go before they really can embrace true hospitality the way Thailand does. From proper etiquette, manners, politeness – we are light years away. Sincerity is missing, along with true hospitality. The hotel staff needs to go for a course in human relations, and proper English lessons if they want to be a hotel that boasts 5-star ratings.

So… is it really worth going?

Yes, if and only if you intend to visit the resort, maybe grab a bite or two and hit the road back home. I think what you will be paying for a night’s stay doesn’t really justify your expectations. Food? I’ll get better food at Tanjung Sepat, about 20km further. It has old world charm and the food is really value-for-money.

Do go to Sepang Goldcoast if you haven’t been there. If you have, I’d still encourage you to go there again. It’s really a great place to spend the day with the family.

Don’t expect blue sea water and compare it with the likes of Redang Island. This is the Straits of Malacca, mind you. Don’t expect the sort of service you get from the likes of JW Marriot or the Ritz Carlton.

Expect the unexpected and you’ll do just fine.

Maybe I should go bug the management for a night’s stay to really write what I think I ought to. Maybe.


6 thoughts on “Sepang Goldcoast: Is it really worth going?

  1. I agreed with u so much. I have been to Sepang Gold Coast a couple years ago when it was still very new and not so much hype about it. But I went there simply to eat the seafood nearby which was probably the best I have ever had. It was located about few minutes walk from the resort, but I have forgotten the name of that restaurant. Although it is not as cheap as the seafood that I had in Labuan or elsewhere, I still think it is worth it because of the variety and blissful taste. I came here 3 times in a big bunch for different occasions and planning to come again soon. 🙂

  2. I just dorve there over the week-end and it was a terrible experience. After spending more than an hour on the road from KL, we arrived at the guard house of the Palm Tree Resort. The guard was rude and surly and abosolutely refused to let us drive in. I said that I wanted to check out the villas for a future stay and possibly patronise the food outlets. Instead he insisted that we park outside and walk in. I was not prepared to do that as I was not sure how secure the road side parking was. To add insult to injury, I the called up the resort and explained the situation. I was passed around by the receptionist twice before I decided that I had enough and drove off.

  3. I read your blog before going to Sepang Gold Coast, and i would say that everything you said was true! Service was really bad, how sad to see service like that in such an iconic place where people from around the globe will visit. And yes! Seafood in Tanjung Sepat is really good and fresh!

    1. Thank you for your honest comment, Amily. I have not been there since 2010 and I hope things will change when I do visit it again, probably 2 years from now. As for Tanjung Sepat, food is no longer cheap anymore, no thanks to the rich tourists who can spend more than the locals.

  4. Hi all

    Just got call fr them today to attend a briefing abt d place..n they offering a voucher too wat i read here n other site..i personally will think again either will spend my half day going there..

    Perhaps i ll come there when there r few positive comment abt d place..hehe

    Thank u 4 shed me some lights. .cheers..:)

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