The Four Faced Buddha & the four misconceptions

The 'Four Faced Buddha'

Many people have this misconception that the “four faced Buddha’ is a Buddha. That’s not so.

It is actually a Brahma God, residing in the Brahma realm. In Buddhist texts, the four faced Brahma God ACTUALLY refers to the four Brahmavihara (or Brahma realm). These four realms are METTA, KARUNA, UPPEKHA & MUDITA, or Loving Kindness, Compassion, Equanimity and finally – sympathetic joy.

Metta embraces all beings
Karuna embraces all those who suffer
Mudita embraces the prosperous
Upekkha embraces the good, bad, loved and unloved, pleasant and unpleasant.


Now you know,


2 thoughts on “The Four Faced Buddha & the four misconceptions

  1. On 11 March 2011, I was still sleeping at 7 or 8 plus in the morning, I dreamed I saw the Four-faced Buddha appear with facial movements. He had a sad appearances. Suddenly he flew up to sky and faraway there were huge cyclones and threatening to attack Singapore. He used his supernatural power and destroyed the huge cyclones. The sky turned back to normal and then I woke up to find that the sky was dark. I went out of the house and I saw the flower vase offered to God Brahma (four-faced Buddha) lying on the ground and picked it up. Instantly – I knew he was trying to alert me that something bad will be happening soon. In the afternoon, I heard about the Japan disaster, tsurami, and I prayed to God Brahma and all the Buddhas…for their kind blessing to all of us.

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