Malaysia has a very funny education system

I don’t care if the authorities read this. In fact – I want them to read this and by thunder – they had better read this!

This is my son’s typical school going day. Mind you – he is in the afternoon session.

7:30am – arrive in school for co-curriculum activities
9:30am – end of co-curriculum activity
Stay back in school
10:30am – another activity
11:30am – end of activity

Stay back in school to wait for afternoon session to begin. School is over at 6:45pm. Gets back home after 7pm. Eats dinner, then homework time.

On some “less stressful school day”, it’s like:

8:45am – arrive in school for co-curriculum activity
10:00am – end of co-curriculum activity
Pick him up from school & head for home
12:30pm – send him back to school again

Hello Hello! See what’s wrong here. Either the authorities think we parents have nothing better to do but to ferry our children to school MORE THAN TWICE a day or the authorities are trying to turn our children into zombies with mental problems!

Can’t the authorities just stick with a SINGLE DAY SESSION that starts at 7:30am and ends at 3:00pm? That way the poor child has time to rest & unwind in a park or something. Then have a stress-free dinner and complete homework without falling asleep!

If this is their version of WORK SMART – then all is lost for the future generation.

And I recently heard that Malaysia will recruit 500 U.S. English teachers to teach in Malaysian schools. The objective: equip Malaysian children with English skills so they can compete at international level.

Duhhhh — stick with Math & Science in English and you can do better. Not too long ago, Math and Science were taught in English. Now it’s back to Bahasa Malaysia. Now U.S. teachers with their FAVOR, LABOR, TRAVELING and maybe SMS-speak.

Hmmmm… what’s next I wonder?




3 thoughts on “Malaysia has a very funny education system

  1. Don’t get me started on the education system here. It’s so bad in so many ways. My kids are starting school at 7.30 but we get up at 5am so my girl can learn her rancana, ejaan, dictation and chinese spelling. She finishes school at 1.2o. I bring lunch to her and my son and they eat it in the car and cool down. By 2pm, they are back in school for school based tuition and I pick them up at 4pm. They shower and rest til 5pm and then start their homework. Dinner at 7 -8 and then homework again, sometimes til 10. Then sleep. They spend 8 and a half hours at school. I know adults who work less than that and they don’t have teachers beating them into submission either.

    1. The problem about our education system here is rote learning. Or spoon feeding with everything dunked down your throat. The situation was the same when I attended secondary school and now it’s gotten worse. My HR manager friends complained that they cannot find a single graduate who can write good English. Sheeeshhh!

  2. Malaysia boleh ma!!!!
    Dulu Malaysia Pak Turut…tiru east tiru west…another year to come tiru mana donno. After people cakap cakap Malaysia ini no ori, suka tiru cetak rompak, than the leader try try to change. Ok la ok la hoo..changing is good. Learning from the good story is fine. That why recently many many idea come out. Do this do that……tapi ‘blind dear’. Idealistic but not realistic most of things
    Bahasa say, hentam kromo, bikin dulu baru evalute. Barang boleh experiment but children hah….aiyo…tolong lah!!

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