FRASER’S HILL – That quaint little hamlet on top of the world

Every once in awhile – we need to get back the sanity into our lives. Well – some “chill out” by going shopping, or to the beach. Me – my favourite place must be Fraser’s Hill.

I never get bored going there. Sometimes I go there alone. Go wandering into one of the many nature trails and immersing myself with nature. The cool weather and long walks can do wonders for the mind, body and soul.

If you’re into nature – Fraser’s is the place to go. Never go on a public holiday. Not only will accommodation cost almost double, you’ll be bothered by pesky holiday makers with their loud cars, equally loud “city” talk and antics.

In the night, it’s refreshing to walk in the mists, shrouded by the whispers of the night as you embrace the tranquility of Fraser’s Hill.


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