My reply to Ziera on Sepang Goldcoast

Hi. Thanks for the info. It really helps. I am planning to go there this week but not so sure what to do or whether my husband will like the idea since none of us have any clue or whatsoever about this place. We wanted to go to the Snow World at Genting Highland, to see this newly-opened attraction but coz of the baby, we decided to change the plan for it will be quiet a hassle to bring along the baby when you want to enjoy the rides and all. I don’t know if my 5 year old daughter will love this place. We went to Gold Coast in Australia last year, I hope the name will not confuse her that much. LOL.


Thanks for commenting, Ziera. I didn’t even have any clue before I went to Sepang Goldcoast myself. Never thought a sea existed that part of the world. Anyway – it’s a place closer to nature and unlike the Gold coast in Australia, here – you’ll be able to do things like crab-hunting (just look will do – don’t harm them), kite-flying, nature walks, go river cruising etc. Yes – you can walk 1.5km out during low-tide but watch out – the water comes in rapidly when high tide is approaching.

I think your 5-year old child will enjoy being together with you. I had a good time with my sons explaining to them why crabs walk sideways, why they burrow into the ground etc. It’s an invaluable bonding time with your children here, and being out there in nature adds the air of incredibility. Also – in the mornings, you can see people digging out mussels from the rocks. Your child won’t see things like this in the city for sure!

I am not sure whether they have added any new activities there as I have not been there for quite some time. One more thing – bring along mosquito repellent, especially the one you rub on the skin. That’s for baby and the sand flies are not only bothersome but it itches terribly as well after it has feasted on you.

I would recommend you to go to Tanjung Sepat. You can read about it in my previous postings. To sum it up – if you want quiet time with your family, enjoy old world charm – then it’s the place to go. A word of caution though – don’t expect too much from Sepang Goldcoast. That way you won’t be disappointed.


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