REBIRTH & How it takes place

Absolutely fascinating. Death is not the “end-all”. Within this universe, nothing ever gets annihilated. It is the grand, marvellous design of recycling that also encompasses rebirth.

The food you digest goes into your system and comes out as poo. In turn, the poo goes into the ecological system and ends up as fertilizers – giving sustenance to plants. In return, plants become our food.

When we die, all but one of our six sense base dies. Smell, touch, seeing, hearing & taste shut down but not the mind. The mind is pure energy, which never dies. It just takes another form. Electricity is energy and fuels a cornucopia of electrical appliances. In the same way, the mind is the universe that fuels almost infinite “bodies”.

So when we die, our mind or “soul” as you may call it is still around us. Some call this OOB or Out of Body experience. You’ll be able to “see” your loved ones pouring their hearts out upon your demise.

Because the mind is energy, it naturally gets attracted to a medium. This is the Law of Attraction. Perhaps the mind gets attached (or attracted) to a sister that one was very fond of when alive. That very thought is enough to attach that mental energy which is the mind to that person (the medium). And if so happens that female sibling of yours is conceiving – you may just very well up of being her child.

Cases of rebirth within families are very common in Asian countries.


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