Tanjung Sepat: snippets & such

I’ve been to Tanjung Sepat more times than I can count myself. I like it here because of its old world charm, reminiscent of the good old days I’ve lived in my early childhood days. The friendly faces, the wonderful places. The great food and recently, I stumbled upon a great coffee “factory” so to speak.

The KWO ZHA B COFFEE factory is just a small shop located next to the famous “pao” shop in Tanjung Sepat. It is run by a very friendly husband & wife team, Mr & Mrs Lim. What sets this coffee apart from the others is its full body flavour.

I am a coffee drinker since I was 9. My family used to have 2 big pots of coffee ready on the dining table. Since moving to the big city – I have never tasted coffee as good as this, except for my hometown’s in Segamat.

You can forget about Starbucks or Coffee Bean. If commercial coffee is not your cup of errr… coffee, then you must try this KWO ZHA B Coffee. Wonder why they call their coffee like this? Nevertheless – I had a “pao” (Chinese bun stuffed with meats or other ingredients inside) and a cup of steaming hot coffee.

Mr & Mrs Lim - owners of the KWO ZHA B Coffee Factory
Great merchandising display
A mock up of how their coffee is manufactured
How the beans are selected and roasted


I WAS AMAZED! The coffee was simply fantastic. You really have to try it yourself to get what I mean. And with the “pao” – tea time was an amazing discovery indeed!











Every visit to Tanjung Sepat is like going back in time. Even the people there are somewhat laid back – which is just fine for me because what’s the hurry when you’d be going back to the crazy rush-rush world in no time?

Fried noodles, Hokkien-style, "la-la" (shellfish) & a plate of mixed stir-fried vegetables: RM22

I guess I always liked to dine with the sea breeze blowing gently on my face. You certainly won’t get that in downtown KL. The New Ocean Seafood Restaurant is just that – situated just next to the famous “Lover’s Bridge”. The setting sun never ceases to amaze me with its postcard perfect pictures. And the food is just affordable. Imagine a plate of Hokkien-fried noddles, stir-fried mixed vegetables and shellfish (lala): all for RM22.

A mere hour’s drive away from Kuala Lumpur – Tanjung Sepat is that place in your heart once you allow the charm of this old fishing to sink into you.







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