A really, very simple map to Tanjung Sepat

So here you are, planning your first trip to Sepang Goldcoast. Don’t forget to visit Tanjung Sepat with all its old world charm & great food. Here’s how you get to Tanjung Sepat:

A really, very easy map to Tanjung Sepat

Travel time estimates
Kuala Lumpur – Sepang town = 1 hour
Sepang town – Sepang Goldcoast = 35 minutes
Sepang Goldcoast – Tanjung Sepat = 20 minutes

There you have it!

A word of caution
The villagers in Tanjung Sepat mostly go about the village on motorcycles and they can really weave in and out. They are however, very friendly people and if you are lost, just stop one of them and ask for directions.

Also – the roads inside the village are very narrow so drive carefully & slowly. Take your time to drive around and check out the restaurants.

Have a great trip there & ENJOY!


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