Here’s a solution for your health problems: Get the rid of the bad blood

It seems my previous post received quite a number of hits. And even without pictures.

Try these pictures now. This patient is suffering from pain all over the body. This is the patient’s 4th visit and the Doctor has narrowed the down the area responsible as the spinal area just after the neck.

The suction cup could not extract all the bad blood, which had nearly solidified.
Right shoulder after the treatment. Note the "blue black" which is actually a blood clot
Left shoulder after treatment.

Looks kind of gory, doesn’t it?

Before undergoing treatment, the patient complained of lethargy, body and joint pains; and sometimes lack of mental focus.

The topmost picture, where the treatment focused on the spinal cord area is the most affected part. Guasha (skin scraping) helps to relieve the pain – and ‘earmark’ the problem area by causing the affected part to be lobster red.

Here’s how the treatment is done. The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner first wipes an alcohol swab over the area he intends to treat. Next – he uses sterile needles to effect tiny pinpricks on the skin, causing blood to ooze out (small red dots). He will prick as many as 20 times around the affected area. Then, using a suction cup, the blood is sucked out from the affected area.

If blood is “bad”, it will turn black and is usually hardened and slimy.

The doctor is located in Klang, Selangor.


One thought on “Here’s a solution for your health problems: Get the rid of the bad blood

  1. I knew of a TCM practitioner here. He lived in my friend’s mother’s house. He taught my friend quite a bit, but he has returned to China. How would I go about finding a qualified practitioner? I live in the Midwest, US.

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