How to CURE your illness by having your blood sucked out

You don’t need to find a vampire to do this.

You need a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sinsei to do this and I have done that nearly 13 years ago & just as recent as last week.

Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners believe that proper blood circulation is the key to good health. Imagine a drainage system that is clogged with all the rubbish you can imagine. If you don’t remove that blockage – the entire drainage system will be affected. It follows that your blood circulatory system runs in the same principle.

Blood is the source of life. It carries oxygen and nutrients to various parts of our body. It also detoxifies the blood. Through time, wastes like cholesterol, fatty acids, toxins and other whatnots will build up – sometimes forming a blockage.

If you don’t remove that blockage, that particular area will be affected. Eventually – it may turn cancerous. 13 years ago, I consulted this TCM practitioner who told me that most cancers, tumours and malignant growths are the cause of blockages in the blood circulatory system. I consulted him because I had this constant bloated feeling before and after meals. To Western medicine, this is gastric. To TCM – it is a blockage in the circulatory system.

This Sinsei had an unorthodox approach. Firstly, he applied alcohol swabs on my tummy area. Then he used small sharp needles to prick the skin surface of my tummy, causing blood ruptures in the veins of the stomach. Next, he used a ‘cupping’ air pump. By the fast ‘pumping’ action – blood is forcibly ‘sucked’ into the ‘cup’.

The interesting thing is the blood was frothy and foamy. In Chinese medicine, this is called ‘wind’. Three days later I was completely healed. Yes- no more moaning or groaning in pain anymore.

Last week, my close friend and I visited this TCM practitioner in Klang, Selangor. My friend had spinal injuries due to an earlier auto accident and needed therapy. The blood sucking & cupping action followed and the blood that was sucked out was BLACK, SLIMY and HARD! The complaint before the therapy was stiff joints, pain when walking and when lying down in bed.

I had bad back pains, near the kidney area. And no, I didn’t have my blood sucked out of me. Instead, I was treated using acupuncture where ELECTRIFIED needles were inserted into the affected areas and yes, it has been more than one week already and the pain has completely healed.

Do not consume the following:
1. Tea (English, Chinese or Japanese)
2. Yam
3. Kangkong – Water Convolvulus, or more commonly called Water Spinach or Hollow
4. Coconut milk or santan in whatever form, be it nasi lemak or otherwise.

These foods contain ‘wind’ and can harm your body. By the way – blood cupping is good to to boost your hormonal systems!


2 thoughts on “How to CURE your illness by having your blood sucked out

    1. Dear KS Tan,

      you can contact him (Dr Yong Yuong Chien) at 04-3342 1193 or mobile 012-298 6355. The address is:
      No. 59 (1st Floor), Jalan Raja Bot, 41400 Klang.

      Good luck!

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