6 Good Reasons Why Guasha is good for your health

How your back will look like after Guasha

What on earth is Guasha? Eek — the picture above looks like the person either had injured his back or someone inflicted serious pains on him.

It’s neither.

Guasha is an ancient Chinese therapeutic method of maintaining wellness for your body. It is deeply relaxing, deeply conditioning and best of all – helps relieves you of illnesses. Yes – it had been proven to work before!

Guasha uses hard, scraping movements on your body. It can be your back, back of your arms, shoulders or back of your neck. The implement used is usually a jade scraper, or one made of buffalo horn. If you can’t find these – you can use a soup spoon made of china.

Following the principles of Ying and Yang – our body is made up of both hot & cold elements. Ideally – there should be a balance. However – most of the time, our body system is in chaos resulting in imbalance and ultimately, you fall sick.

Here’s how Guasha can help improve your health:

1) Improve blood circulation
The hard, rapid scraping movement stimulates your body’s channels & meridian points. Your backaches and host of other illnesses are caused by “blockages” where Qi cannot flow easily and naturally. Thus Guasha, takes care of it.

2) Guasha indicates and relieves the blockages
When you scrape with the Guasha implement – angry looking and dark, deep red welts will appear. These are actually where the problem lies. And this is also where Guasha helps by bringing the problem to the skin surface where it is removed.

3) Guasha is detoxification par extraordinary
By the rapid scraping action, the skin is stimulated. The toxins accumulated inside your body arises – resulting in those angry red welts. The toxins are the blockages and yes – the cause of your many health problems.

4) Guasha normalizes the metabolic process
Your metabolism is enhanced after a Guasha session. This is because the toxins that have accumulated inside your body have been removed.

5) Guasha eases backaches effectively
Don’t take my word for it. Try it! If you have shoulder or back pain as a result of working too long on the PC – Guasha is perfect for you. In many ways – it is better than a massage. The rapid scraping on your shoulders and back relaxes the muscles and nerves – thereby releasing & relieving the pain from the affected areas.

6) Lastly – Guasha helps treat these conditions

  • Colds, migranes, headaches
  • Relieves muscular tension
  • Relieves asthma and bronchitis by helping you breathe better.
  • by removing blocked Qi – you are encouraging health giving Qi to enter your body to help speed up the healing process

You can do it at home too. Use a soup spoon made of China. Remember to use a good massage oil to lubricate the affected areas when scraping. Hard scraping does not hurt although the ‘sha’ rises in the form of the red welts. The welts should disappear in 2-3 days time.

CAUTION when doing Guasha at home:

  • Never do Guasha with the fan above you at full blast. Doing so increases your risk of catching a cold. Remember, ‘fire’ is released in the form of heat from your body. Thus – the ‘water’ from the cool air creates a reaction that can lead to illness.
  • Don’t bathe immediately after a Guasha session even though you feel your back is oily with massage oil. Wait a minimum of 4-5 hours. The same reason as above applies.

Tell tale sign of an effective Guasha therapy:

  • Your urine will turn slightly yellowish with a pungent odour after the session. This means that the toxins and ‘heat’ from your body has been effectively discharged.
  • You feel very sleepy during & after the session, indicating your body is healing and repairing itself. That’s why you need to sleep in order for your body to heal itself.

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