There’s more to Bagan Lalang than just Sepang Goldcoast

Bagan Lalang? Where’s that?

Bagan Lalang is in actual fact where Sepang Goldcoast is. I’ve blogged numerous times already about Sepang Goldcoast so I reckon it’s time I talk about Bagan Lalang.

As you enter into Sepang Goldcoast, you are already inside Bagan Lalang. Before you see the sea and beaches, and the Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas, you’ll see many small stalls and shops. These are run by the locals. You’ll also see quite a number of Malay restaurants in front of ‘kampung’ houses. These restaurants actually serve quite good local Malaysian fare like nasi lemak, ikan bakar (grilled fish) and other seafood. Rest assured that the seafood here is 100% fresh catch!

Bagan Lalang’s main attraction is its lovely white, sandy beach. Compared to Port Dickson, Bagan Lalang’s beach beats it hands down. The sand is smooth and soft. If you are there during low tide, you can wander about 1.5km outwards and catch a glimpse of crabs scurrying into the sand to hide. It’s a great place to bring your children… take it from me!

There’s nothing much to say about the shops. Really – nearly everybody sells the same thing. If you’re thirsty, go try a Ais Batu Campur at the nearest eatery you see. You’ll need a lot of water as the afternoon sun can really scorch you!

Not everyone can afford the RM650+ a night stay at the Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas & Spa. So you need to go back to the basics and sometimes – the basics can just turn out to be awesome.

There are a couple of chalets for rent but in my opinion, the best amongst them is the one operated by the Department of Fishery. The rooms are clean, and from RM100 a night where nearly 5 or 6 people can bunk in – you really cannot complain much! No surcharges for extra head and every bedroom has an individual air-con. It’s fronting the beach and sorry – I’ve no contact details. You need to drive there to find out.

Alternatively, there’s this Bagan Villa Resort with 24 units of chalets. The rooms feature queen-sized beds, TVs (no Astro) and individual air-cons. Sorry – I don’t have info about their rates but it should be quite affordable. For more details, contact 03-3141 2200.

You can forget about Hotel Sri Malaysia. At RM160/RM180 a room night – you’re better off staying in a chalet. The service level there sucks big time and the rooms are musty. Try calling room service for hot water and you’ll be told to go down and get it yourself. Compare this to the hotels anywhere in Thailand, we’re a crying shame.

There’s this Gano Farm Homestay in the quaint fishing village of Tanjung Sepat. Rooms are clean and the fact is – downstairs is where they sell FRESHLY plucked mushrooms. Check out the Lingzhi, monkey head mushroom, gray oyster mushrooms, golden needle mushrooms and many other species of mushrooms.

Room rates start from RM215 (weekdays) and RM235 (weekends) for Deluxe rooms. For the Superior room, it is RM88 (weekdays) and RM108 (weekends). Standard is RM78 (weekday) and RM98 (weekends).

The address & contact details: Gano Farm Homestay, No. 100, Jln Laut Membiru, Taman Pelangi, Tanjung Sepat Selangor. Tel: 019-600 2482

Gano Farm Homestay

Fresh & crunchy mushrooms

When in Tanjung Sepat, don’t forget to visit the local bun or “pao” shop. They are freshly made by hand and Singaporean tourists would actually grab all they can when they are here.

Fresh handmade pao

Trawlers are a common sight in Tanjung Sepat

Fresh fishball peddlar near the Lover's Bridge

At the Lover’s Bridge, you’ll see fascinating sights such as the fishball peddler. You’ll be persuaded to buy their wares. Do try the fishballs – they are fresh!

Local fishing enthusiasts at the Lover's Bridge

Dining in Tanjung Sepat
On weekends, the restaurants in Tanjung Sepat are usually full. Urban dwellers would take a drive here just to eat the fresh seafood.

I’d recommend the Lover’s Bridge Restaurant that’s very near to the Gano Farm Homestay.

Vermicelli with deep-fried crabs

The vermicelli (mee hoon) with deep- fried crab is a feast for a king. At RM15 a plate, four people can enjoy it. And unlike the food in KL – the crab portion here is huge!

Claypot shellfish in clear soup - really good!

Food here is comparatively cheaper. A plate of mantis prawn, the big ones, not the small ones – is RM40.

With the affordable accommodation, food and old world charm of Tanjung Sepat, I recommend a night’s stay. Break away from the city-life where every weekend is the same stroll in the shopping malls!


8 thoughts on “There’s more to Bagan Lalang than just Sepang Goldcoast

  1. Great article! I’m going to visit this place before the Chinese New Year. The information you provided are really useful. Thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Asha… thanks for providing the link to the DOF in Sungai Pelek. And thanks for the compliments. I haven’t been to Bagan Lalang lately and really don’t know what’s taking place there.

  2. glad to know many people like Bagan Lallang, tis my favorite spot to relax, go fishing, try local food, or just laze at the seaside under the trees (opposite to the hawkers center )beside goldcoast. there are many places to fish here…depending on your choice..seaside or irrigation canals….my favorite hobby here. My usual stay is at Bagan Villa Resort. real cheap at rm 75.00/nite, facing directly @ the sea.used to come with friends…best on weekdays, less crowd, more space. activities here…b.b.q. @ seaside, fishing along the beach.

  3. The LKIM fishery department says they have renovated their places last year so the price is now RM170 per room, so expensive.

    1. Hi Lawrence, I have not been there for more than 2 years so I really cannot verify your comment. But if it has added value then it is worth the amount. I cannot say the same about the Sri Malaysia hotel though. It’s overpriced and the service is pathetic.

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