A REALLY SIMPLE map to Sepang Goldcoast and stopover places of interest

Getting to Sepang Goldcoast

Well – here it is. Been at it for almost two days now, drawing this simple map. Basically – getting to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport is accessible via a number of highways. So for the purpose of this exercise – just assume you are heading towards the KLIA.

1) Look out for signs to go to the LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal)

2) Look out for SEPANG INTERNATIONAL RACING CIRCUIT. Turn left at the junction. You should see the race track on your right. Head further and you’ll see a huge “BANDAR ENSTEK” sign in front of you on the hills. Stop at traffic lights and turn right. Drive on for another 15-20 mins depending on traffic.

3) After a nice view of the countryside you’ll approach a town. That’s Sepang town. Stop at the traffic lights, and turn right and follow the road. There’s a nice coffee shop on your left.

4) Drive on. It’ll take you another good 20-25 mins before you reach the intersection into Bagan Lalang.

5) Do make a stopover at one of the two roadside stalls selling dragon fruits. I prefer the last stall. The lady is very friendly. Make sure you sample the Dragon fruit, papaya & aloe vera enzymes. Enzymes are good for health! The shop also sells a lot of other fruits. Check out the ‘misai kuching’ tea,

6) Drive on and you arrive at the Sungai Pelek town. Don’t worry – it’s another 5 mins drive from here.

7) Look out for the Sepang Goldcoast directional signs & you won’t go wrong. Turn right to get into Bagan Lalang. Turn to the left to enter into the road leading to Sepang Goldcoast. Yes – the area is also called BAGAN LALANG.

8) Should you decide to drive straight and NOT ENTER Bagan Lalang – this road will bring you to Tanjung Sepat & Morib further down.

9) Tanjung Sepat has fresh, reasonably priced seafood. Look for the Lover’s Bridge restaurant. Not bad. Check out the ‘pao’ (buns) and also make sure to visit the Ganoderma (mushroom) farm.

Good luck & enjoy your drive!


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