If you think Coffee Bean is cool. Starbucks’ coffee is wonderful – then PICK N BREW will really surprise you!

I have no quarrel with the Coffee Bean or Starbucks. I, as a consumer – have a right to make comparisons and by thunder – I shall make comparisons! Boutique coffee outlets have been mushrooming like crazy over the past 5 years. I once used to frequent Benson & Hedges Boutique Coffee in downtown Kuala Lumpur. Sadly – they closed the place down. I remembered they serves some of the best coffees in town.

From a coffee lover’s standpoint – I think there’s something wrong with their coffee. I thought maybe it was an isolated case. Maybe that particular outlet’s coffee was off. I’ve never had a cuppa that made me feel quesy, feel real lousy and had this desire to puke. Honestly – I’m a Long Black lover, or if you prefer, Americano. I loved Sumatra Mandheling for its woody & bold body tones but not anymore. The blend just got lousier & lousier. At either Coffee Bean or Starbucks – if the price doesn’t kill you, the coffee would. My last visit was to an outlet at the Curve for a business meeting. Had a medium Americano. And it gave me a headache, palpitating heartbeat and feeling nauseous later. It cost me over RM10 for that.

Now, if I wanted to sample some cakes, that would have burnt over RM20 off my wallet. Local cakes? Funny tasting coffee? RM20-something? You gotta be kidding!

I am their loyal fan! Oh yes I am indeed! After my ordeal at the glitzy celebrity coffee boutiques – I wouldn’t mind driving to Glenmarie in Shah Alam to down my favourite Long Black.

Their coffee doesn’t make me feel like I’m floating in zero gravity. And it doesn’t make my heart beat faster. Even their signature coffees are something to be cherished.  They are served fresh, nice and hot in their quaint Moka pot (hey! That rhymes!). By signature coffee – I mean the fancy stuffs like Sulawesi, Kilimanjaro and blah-blah. They cost RM10 a Moka pot. And they really taste good! Take my word for it!

Pick N Brew is more than a glitzy celeb coffee place to hang out, play with yoyr iPhones or Blackberries and try to act cool. The place IS cool! Nice interior deco, great ambiance and hello…hello… fantastic selection of fusion food. The Nasi Kerabu is my favourite. The other stars in the menu are equally great! The people that come here are to have power lunches. Serious business people who mean business and when they mean business – they demand serious, quality food and beverages.

CHECK OUT THEIR WEBSITE – http://www.picknbrew.com/
I could go on about Pick N Brew but I won’t. You gotta go there yourself and check it out. They are in Wisma CNI.

I wish they’d serve KOPI LUWAK. Bloody expensive coffee and you have to google for it to know what kind of coffee it is. Yup – shit happens and some shit are pretty expensive. I’ll be going there tomorrow. You should too, to really find out what REAL coffee tastes like!


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