What you MUST do in Sepang Goldcoast

This is a follow up of my previous posting on things to do in Sepang Goldcoast – after getting quite a number of hits on what you should do. This time, however – I’ve included on what you MUST do here to make your trip worthwhile and memorable.

1. Go fly a kite
Literally! The winds here are very strong and towards evening, you can see people flying kites everywhere. If you are with your family – all the more reasons to go fly a kite. I’ve seen adults flying kites and they are more excited about getting it right than the kids! It’s also a great reason to ‘bond’ with the children.

2. Go crab hunting
During low tide – you’ll be amazed at just how many species of crabs you can find here in Sepang Goldcoast. And during low tide – you can walk 1.5km out from the beachfront. I didn’t even know tiny crabs with luminous shells exist! But you have to be patient lest they run helter skelter and burrow deep into the sand. The best is to wait patiently as they emerge from their hiding place. Whatever you do – please, please don’t harm these cute crustaceans! Bring home memories, not live crabs. Trust me – they won’t survive. Low tide is usually in the morning and before 2pm. Please exercise caution – the tide comes in very fast!

3. Go shellfish or oyster hunting
During low-tide, you’ll find people combing the beach for shellfish (la-la). There will also be people combing the corals for oysters and the like. Ask them to let you have a go. It’s educational and fun. Watch out when you go near the rocks. They are really sharp!

4. Sample the local fare
All around the vicinity of the Goldcoast you can find small stalls dotting the landscape. Manned by the locals, most offer local delicacies and kuehs.

5. Catch the setting sun
This is a must do! In fact – the setting sun here is marvellous. So marvellous that even professional photographers will lug their heavy equipment just to capture that single unique shot of the setting sun. Not only is it a sight to behold – it’s very therapeutic and stress-free.

6. Go take a hike
Literally of course. I’ve seen many nature lovers hiking into the mangrove jungle nearest to the property. You can marvel at the rich aquatic life here, the amazing flora and fauna, the migratory birds and more. But do bring along those rub-on insect repellants. The sandflies are really irritating!

6. Just relax
Within the property itself, you can find many deckchairs for your sunning pleasure. Of course you’ll get a sunstroke if you sit there after midday. After 5.30pm would be ideal. Let the cool ocean breeze caress your face and your cares away.

7. Drive to Tanjung Sepat
There’s a famous ‘pau” shop there. A well-managed mushroom farm, a shop selling all sorts of things near the Lover’s Bridge, fresh fish balls and fish-related products sold by the many hawkers also near the Lover’s Bridge. But the best thing about Tanjung Sepat is the fresh seafood that’s deliciously affordable!

The list is not exhaustive. Maybe you can write a comment and tell me what I’ve missed?


2 thoughts on “What you MUST do in Sepang Goldcoast

  1. Hi, just to check with you, i came across your website reviewing about gold coast sepang and i plan to go for a holiday there, but i heard that place is full of sandfly? is it true? Hope to get ur reply soon

    1. Unfortunately yes. There can be a lot of sandflies there but not sure whether there are now as it is the rainy season. I advise you to bring along the rub-on mosquito repellent.

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