CNI – A truly UPLIFTING Experience

I’ve had the opportunity to work with many of the wonderful people at CNI since March 2010. Well – it had been hectic, with tight deadlines and sleepless nights, but the experience was well worth it!

CNI, or Creative Network International is a Multi Level Marketing company with presence in major Asian countries. In Malaysia – my task was to bring its new UPLIFTING concept to the forefront, allowing people from all walks of life to interact and experience what CNI is trying to convey.

It is more than hard selling. It is about allowing people to see for themselves the various benefits of CNI as a Company, brand and products for all people.

For example, its coffee is one of the bestseller in the Asian region. And as a coffee Afficionado, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that coffee is indeed, good for us! Heck – I can down 5 cups of coffee a day. Yep – coffee has 0% calories if you don’t add sugar or milk. It’s a great mental stimulant, help prevent diabetes (sugar-free of course) and good for the heart! Moreover – some CNI coffee range has various beneficial herbs that are good for us.

Also – its health category, also known as Well3 pursues the contention that our body is our best doctor. Self healing is the word but do that – you have to first equip yourself with beneficial NATURAL health supplements to detox yourself first, build and fortify, and so forth!

And I’d to add that the C3 Experience Centre in Wisma CNI is the first private company to have health check equipment that parallel those found in sophisticated hospitals. The purpose of these equipment are to allow people to assess their health levels, followed by health supplements recommendation that will help boost their immunity against diseases.

Here are some pictures taken during their soft launch on 29 June 2010:

BEAUTY WORLD for the fairer sex
COFFEE - just about the number of people consuming CNI coffees every day and still counting!
The concept board introducing CNI Coffees
The various herbs that are infused with CNI coffees
The Well3 section - Activated Naturo Therapy supplements
Excited crowd mingling in the CNI coffee section
Explanation of Activated Naturo Therapy
Waiting for turn at HELMAS, the health assessment section
WATERLIFE water filtration technology. Think the water you drink is safe? Come here, learn and think again!
Preliminary health check at work
My buddy Dr Lawrence, CNI Concept Consultant explaining to the patrons about CNI's beauty products

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