Things to do in Sepang Goldcoast

Absolutely thrilled! Here I am sitting in Pick N’ Brew Wisma CNI, enjoying my Sumatra Mandheling Coffee. I popped by here after attending the super fantastic launch of the CNI C3 Experience Centre, of which I had a part in realizing it.

And while sipping my coffee, I realized I had not mentioned much about what you can do in Sepang Goldcoast.

If you are only there for a day, there are lots to do. For instance, you could walk about the many small stalls that are mushrooming by the day. However, these stalls are lacking in creative merchandising. It seems almost every stall is offering the same stuff. Blah!

If you like to go trekking or wandering, you should walk right to the end of the road, that’s to the extreme right from the road that brought you into Sepang Goldcoast. That’s right. Just walk straight and you’ll be able to discover a world of wild birds, mudskippers and other marine life. Just make sure you bring mosquito repellent.  Them mozzies are bloody annoying!

As a guest of the Golden Palm Tree Sea Villa & Spa, you’d be open to a world of exciting sea sports and activities. There will also be friendly guides or Guest Relations staff to offer their help to you. Currently you can go kayaking, canoeing, land sports and so forth. I believe they will be adding new activities pretty soon.

My favourite all-day past time! Within  Sepang Goldcoast itself, you should sample the Steamboat fare at the Food Garden or fusion food at the Sunset Restaurant. Within the Golden Palm Tree, I do believe they have some food outlets there.

Should you crave for fresh seafood, drive further ahead to Tanjung Sepat. Lots of fresh seafood at very affordable prices. Imagine huge Mantis Prawn (half a kilo) going for RM40! Try the fried rice vermicelli (meehoon) with small shellfish (LaLa) – it’s delicious. Try also the “pao” (Chinese bun with delicious stuffing inside) here.

Interestingly enough – there is a shop near the Lover’s Bridge that sells traditional foodstuffs like chili sauce, fish paste, prawn chili paste and so forth. This is a “must visit” place!

I’m not sure whether lovers would love this place or not but the ambiance, especially when it is a rickety bridge. But when you are there, everything suddenly changes. One moment it’s bright and sunny at 6pm. Then, just watch as the colours of the sky changes. Hues transforming poetically and magically!

Tourists will love this place! Imagine going to bed with the sounds of crickets and other insects lulling you to sleep. The cool, countryside air. And waking up early in the morning awakened by the hearty old cockerel crowing merrily away. The Rumah Banghuris is a traditional kampung house located not far away from Sepang Goldcoast and within Tanjung Sepat.


One thought on “Things to do in Sepang Goldcoast

  1. Hi. Thanks for the info. It really helps. I am planning to go there this week but not so sure what to do or whether my husband will like the idea since none of us have any clue or whatsoever about this place. We wanted to go to the Snow World at Genting Highland, to see this newly-opened attraction but coz of the baby, we decided to change the plan for it will be quiet a hassle to bring along the baby when you want to enjoy the rides and all. I don’t know if my 5 year old daughter will love this place. We went to Gold Coast in Australia last year, I hope the name will not confuse her that much. LOL.

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