Tanjung Sepat: Old world charm

By now you have been well acquainted with my musings on Sepang Goldcoast. I’ve never blogged about Tanjung Sepat & I think it’s high time to do that now.

Tanjung Sepat is a coastal village with an old world charm. The moment you are near the place you’ll be wondering whether you have stepped back into time. Wooden houses dot the entire landscape. Villagers riding motorbikes without crash helmets. Numerous Chinese temples in homage to the Goddess of the Sea. And of course, my favourite – restaurants.

Mangrove swamp bathed in the golden evening sunlight

To go to Tanjung Sepat, you have to head towards Sepang Goldcoast. Instead of turning left into Sepang Goldcoast or Bagan Lalang from the main rain, drive straight towards Morib. Tanjung Sepat is just before Morib and a good 20km away from Sepang Goldcoast.

Along the way, you can marvel at the rustic “kampung” (Malay village) setting with buffaloes and goats roaming about. And there are numerous Homestays available for a nightly sojourn. I believe they have excursions around the countryside for tourists. Imagine waking up to the call of the rooster in the morning, the sound of chirping birds and best of all – no morning rush or traffic jams.

Here, the restaurants are aplenty. You can get a very decent dinner for four people at less than RM100. Let’s see, we had Fried Vermicelli (meehoon) with fresh crabs (RM30), gigantic mantis prawn (RM40), fresh vegetables (RM15) and fish ball soup (RM10) – total RM95 and we couldn’t even finish all the dishes as the servings were huge!

There’s a Gano or mushroom farm here. You can get different varieties of mushrooms for RM11 (3 packets). There’s also a hotel that’s fairly reasonable and clean in the same place.

You can just sit here and marvel at nature's handiwork & the glorious sunset

What I like is the walk on the Lover’s Bridge although it doesn’t resemble anything built for lovers. In actual fact – it’s a half cement, half wooden bridge that arches out into the sea much like a jetty. The views here are picturesque and postcard perfect.

As evening falls, a hushed air of tranquillity envelopes the Lover's Bridge, Tanjung Sepat

Enjoy my recent pictures taken around Tanjung Sepat and Sepang Goldcoast!

Sepang Goldcoast: a lake that's now overgrown with lotus, giving the place an air of tranquillity
Welcome to Sepang Goldcoast!
Sepang Goldcoast: Beach sports for the sun worshippers!

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