Of course, the cost of going to Sepang Goldcoast

Wow! At the entrance to Sepang Goldcoast sales office

It seems my postings on Sepang Goldcoast has drawn considerable interest. There have been enquiries regarding the cost of going to Sepang Goldcoast & how much to spend on food. Here are the estimates and places of interest you should visit:

1) Accommodation: The Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas & Spa offers exclusive accommodation, starting from about RM600 per room night inclusive of accommodation. Check this out for a detailed information on the hotel — http://sepang.swiss-belhotel.com/. For the budget conscious, there’s a Sri Malaysia hotel within walking distance at RM160+ per room night with breakfast. Personally – I don’t recommend it because of bad experience with the service, facilities and much to be desired breakfast. There are other nearby chalets which offers better accommodation starting from RM50 and above.

2) Food: Try the steamboat at the Food Garden, Sepang Goldcoast at about RM15 per head thereabouts. You’ll enjoy a large serving of fresh seafood, vegetables and other delicacies. Do try the a la carte menu that offers authentic traditional Malay fare like Ikan Bakar. It’s delicious!There’s also the Sunset Beach Restaurant with its very delectable fusion food menu. What took my breath away was the “dining under the stars” experience, allowing the gentle sea breeze to caress my face in a dramatic setting. You should experience dining here at sunset to truly understand what natural beauty is! Prices are upmarket so expect to pay a bit more but it’s really worth it. Elsewhere – you can find traditional Malay fare all around the area.

3) Places of interest: Basically Sepang Goldcoast offers great fun under the sun. There are sea sports facilities that looks great fun although I’ve yet to try them. I have this quirky dislike of the sea. You should try to explore Tanjung Sepat, about 20km away. Head for the way you came in and turn left instead of right, to Tanjung Sepat. It’s a small fishing village with so much to offer. There’s a traditional Chinese bun or “pao” shop that serves a variety of piping hot buns. Visit also the mushroom farm, called Ganoderma Farm. Remember to buy the really fresh mushrooms to enjoy at home starting from RM10 for 3 packets. And this is a seafood haven indeed. I was there beginning May with some friends and ordered Mantis prawn – not the ordinary small ones but the gargantuan one. A real whopper indeed! We also had fried crab vermicelli (mee hoon) with really big crabs all around. Then, there’s soup for us and a plate of fresh vegetables. All these for only RM80! Can you beat that! A normal dinner like this would easily cost above RM100 in KL! Just take a leisurely drive around here and take your pick of some of the best restaurants here. Stopover at some of the many colourful Chinese temples built in honour of Chinese deities.

I hope I’ve answered some of your questions so far. Am busy with my work and will certainly post more interesting details about Sepang Goldcoast. Alternatively – do comment with your queries. I’ll do my best to answer them!


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