The things we take for granted

Today I visited my friend’s Facebook profile. Cynthia Fung had posted a video of an elderly couple having a whale of a time on the piano. They were giggling and laughing away like small children. Took turns at playing the different sides of the keyboard. One thing for sure, they didn’t feel old. Nope — that they never did at all.

A couple of months back in Ipoh, a car backed into a parking lot I had wanted to park. As I saw the driver was an old man and beside him, his wife; I decided to let him have the lot. His wife alighted from the car and smiled at me. So did her husband. She must have been a gorgeous lady during her younger years. Her eyes twinkling and a smile that could melt a heart of iron.

The couple must have gone places together. Ate together, raised a family and happy children running all around. Through troubled times they would have stuck steadfast together and walked through the bad times as a couple, holding each other’s hand. Knowing that the good times is just a little distance ahead.

My two boys having fun in Sepang Goldcoast

Yes. As they smiled at me, I saw them, a couple in their 70s smiling and holding hands together. Still so much in love as perhaps the first day they fell in love. They had no flashy Mercedes those days. No Facebook. No handphones. Internet? What’s that?

Today, we have taken things for granted. We are too preoccupied with ourselves. Everywhere we go, we bring the idiot handphone along as if it’s a part of us. Every time we have a conversation, we are interrupted by an irritating call or text message. Back at home – it’s everyone for him/her self. We switch on our computers and launch into cyberspace. The little ones will be in their own world of video games. It seems, the make believe world is a far better place to take shelter in the face of stress after work.

As we communicate with hundreds of people online, we forget to communicate with the people most important to us at home. Our family.

Grandma and grandchildren

We take things for granted they’ll always be there.

We fail to even communicate with the one we should love most. OURSELVES.

We need little time for ourselves to heal mentally too. Sleep is not enough. We need to have some quiet time walking alone, smelling the roses. We need to be re-acquainted with whom we are. We cannot love others without first loving ourselves.

I have to admit I had my faults. I had my share of taking things for granted. What’s past cannot be recovered. What’s gone is unimportant. Today is important, for it shapes our tomorrows.

Like the elderly couple in Cynthia’s video joyfully monkeying around the piano. Like the smiling, happy couple in Ipoh. There is a time for us to allow that child inside us to come out to play. I still do that. Oh yes, I used to indulge in drifting, although dangerous. These days, I’m contented with walking in the park when I need some space. Or meditating before I sleep.

It’s my way of being close with myself and not taking things we always take for granted.

Letting the children in every one of us to come out and play

2 thoughts on “The things we take for granted

  1. What do you do when you have noone to talk to? Well, go to Facebook and write comments in your or your friends’ profile. lol

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