Being with yourself

Been there. Done that. Walked away too. Did it again and had to say no, not for myself but for someone else’s sake.

Sometimes it’s better being alone. It reflects on being with yourself, learning the value of contentment and not hurting others. We are karmic beings. Our actions beget another result, which in turn transforms into an action that can either help, or hurt others.

Being with myself is being truthful to myself. Although I’d like to say sometimes telling the truth will not do any good at all. It takes enormous effort to take the blame all on yourself so you don’t have to hurt that someone.

Our life is like the leaf. We’re only here for a short while. I have started being with myself, getting to know myself for I know when I have to leave, it’s myself that’s going.

Alone but shining brightly heralding the better days to come

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