Environment-friendly Sepang Goldcoast – this you must experience!

These days we are bombarded with advertisements extolling the benefits of saving the environment. “Go Green”. “Reduce carbon footprint”. “Recycle & reuse” – you can hear labels like these shouting all across the papers.

Words are nothing without action.

At Sepang Goldcoast – it is ecological conservation at work. The entire 22km long beach frontage is surrounded by pristine mangrove jungles and the owners are working closely with the Malaysia Nature Society (MNS) to ensure proper conservation of the project & its surroundings.

In fact – the MNS and Sepang Goldcoast have collaborated to jointly form the Environmental Interpretive Centre which original site was a police station in Sepang town. This centre is surrounded by mangrove and herb plants where as at the behind, the fairway of Sepang Besar River founded that suitable for mangrove cruise and exploration activity.

As part of its eco-tourism initiatives, guests at Sepang Goldcoast can look forward to a mangrove river cruise. Sightings of dolphins at the Sungai Sepang Besar river mouth had been reported last year and visitors can actually get a see firsthand the exotic aquatic life, wild flora and fauna; and migratory birds that dot the riverbanks.

Strategically placed bins to encourage proper disposal of rubbish according to type.

All over the present Sepang Goldcoast office grounds, you can find strategically placed rubbish bins for recyclable items. And oh yes — ditty notices especially in the toilets to encourage you not to waste water and stuff like that. I think it’s a fun way to encourage people to think more about not littering everywhere.

But the one thing about Sepang Goldcoast that never ceases to amaze me is the sunset. Indeed – the sunset is a promise of a new tomorrow and the sunset here is like no other.

I’ll wager that the famed 14th century explorer extraordinaire Admiral Zheng He made a stop here along the Straits of Malacca to admire the sunset and maybe — even composed a poem for it!

Take a look at the various pictures of the awe-inspiring sunsets taken when I was there and you know you MUST go to Sepang Goldcoast one day to be closer to nature. Closer to the life we somehow take for granted and marvel at life we missed!

Awe-inspiring sunset!
Me, bathed in the glorious golden sunset
A tired bird dozing away, oblivious to us snapping away with our cameras

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