Sepang Goldcoast & why you should visit this great resort

I know. I know. Maybe you question what’s my link to Sepang Goldcoast and why do I keep on posting about it?

Yes – I am writing some of their advertisements. Not all, but some. But like all advertising people – before creating the ad, you must first believe in the product.

For me – I have always believed in the wonders of Sepang Goldcoast. I’ll let my pictures do the talking before digressing on the wonders of the place.

Enjoy a local "Ais Batu Kacang" (iced shavings with condiments immersed in syrup and sweet milk) on a hot day
View of the completed Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas and Spa that stretches out into the sea

Take a rest within a magnificently landscaped garden
Dinner at the Food Garden. It's pretty popular!
The Sunset Beach Restaurant. Outdoor dining accompanied by nature's ensemble!
The awe-inspiring sunset!

Don’t you think this looks like paradise to you? The moment you approach the resort proper, you’ll be greeted by the bazaar-like atmosphere. Traders from around the vicinity have taken advantage of Sepang Goldcoast’s fame to set up their small businesses. Only thing — most of the shops sell ALMOST the same things. Hmmmm….

The dream finally is realised. Come June — it will be open to public. The Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas and Spa are basically 393 units of well-appointed chalets built on the water. The decor is impeccable, which is further embellished by Polynesian-Maldivian designs and a local touch of rustic Malaysian flavours.

The idea is to stay in a unit that is above the water. By 11pm when everything is hushed, save the sounds of the gentle waves — you need only to sit on the deck of either one of the villas to experience euphoria. Indeed – the gentle cascading tides, together with the sea breeze will form the backdrop for a natural orchestra in motion. Echoing every sense of the sublime and allowing you to discover yourself — as a minute unit within the universe’s majestic network which we call the circle of life.

The Villas will be priced approx. RM600 per room night but this is not confirmed yet. Err… maybe the good management of the Golden Palm Tree can let me spend a night there to give a raving review?

Enough of the accommodation. Why you should visit Sepang Goldcoast on the weekends is best answered by yourself. If you are a family person, chances are your weekends are the typical visiting the market, shopping mall or going for the movies and other boring stuff.

Why not head for Sepang Goldcoast which is less than an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur? The drive alone is reason enough for you to go there. As you get into Sepang town, the many pre-war shophouses will delight you for sure. Stop for awhile and try the local food. It’s not what you can get in downtown KL! All along the way you’ll see small roadside shops selling those delicious dragon fruits which Sepang is famous for.

The Dragon fruit enzyme is said to be very good for a variety of ailments. Give it a try if you are having asthma, poor blood circulation and others that I cannot remember. At RM29 a bottle, the Dragon fruit enzyme is a steal! It has a natural wine-like taste! Good stuff!

Usually, I’d arrive at the Goldcoast around 2pm. I’d drive on further to Tanjung Sepat to go look for the Ganoderma farm. Words cannot express the freshness of the varieties of mushrooms they have here. From Grey oyster, Pink, Straw to Monkey Head Mushrooms — they are all freshly picked and packed for you to bring home. Prices start from RM10 for 3 packets of Grey Oyster mushrooms.

Also in Tanjung Sepat is a “PAU” shop that sells homemade “PAU’s”. I chanced upon the shop after a good friend recommended me to go there. It’s non-halal but they’re good stuff.

The Lover’s Bridge is another not-to-be-missed place. It’s actually a rustic half-cement, half-wood bridge which extends out into the sea so fishermen can dock nearby with their day’s catch. Everywhere in Tanjung Sepat you’ll find good food (non-halal too unfortunately).

At about 4pm, I’d head back to the Goldcoast to enjoy the sea breeze. During this time, you’ll be able to see young children (and adults too) flying their kites. You’ll also see many fishing enthusiasts casting their lines into the waters to land a good catch! If it’s low tide, you’ll be able to walk at least 1km out into the sea. And here – you can marvel at crabs of all species scurrying all about as you approach them. But be careful though – the high tide can come in very fast!

I love the sunset. It’s a marvellous experience. It’s as if the sky is putting on a breathtaking show for you. This is the time where photographers armed with the DSLs dot the beach. Can’t blame them – sunset is so so romantic that you really have to snap a picture or two!

Dinnertime is nigh. Choose from either the Food Garden or the Sunset Beach Restaurant. The former serves local fare and delectable steamboat. The steamboat is priced at RM15.00+ per head. And they serve really good stuff. The local desserts are to die for! Yummy! The Sunset Beach restaurant serves international and fusion cuisine. You can choose to dine indoors or on the open air deck accompanied by light entertainment and of course, nature’s very own orchestra.

There you are! Don’t wait any more. Just head to Sepang Goldcoast this weekend and discover what true living really is. Not the endless and mindless shopping every weekend and buying things you don’t need.


9 thoughts on “Sepang Goldcoast & why you should visit this great resort

    1. Dear Kathy – you do not need to pay to enter the beach area. The guards on duty, however may screen you to verify whether you’re on the guest list or not. This is for security purposes. Just inform the guard that you want to view the premises.

    1. Dear Louisa – yes, in fact there are several towns outside the resort. Tanjung Sepat is about 15-20km away. I’ve blogged considerably about this quaint fishing village. Further from Tanjung Sepat is Morib. Nothing much there but they have a development there, calling itself Morib Goldcoast.

      As for restaurants, the local Malay food is quite okay. They can be found around the resort’s vicinity. Tanjung Sepat has mostly non-halal food with so many restaurants around. You’ll need to explore them. I can recommend you the Lover’s Bridge restaurant. When in Tanjung Sepat, ask the locals there for directions to get to Lover’s Bridge (情人橋). You’ll see hordes of people having their meals there.

  1. Awwwwwwwww it was my pre-birthday trip. Unforgettable experience at the 11st stop for our breakfast,than Dragom Fruit Farm, than ‘pau’ + shopping of local products, ice kacang, played in the water awwwww lastly steamboat dinner….awwwwww raining heavily than kokzzzzz my head with a ‘pau’ on it. LOL

  2. which place do u recommend for dinner? and roughly how much for the cost per head for the dinner? did u enjoy the land beach game?or either the sea game? is it ok to go on november?coz im planning to giv my gf a suprise during her birthday…

    1. Hi! Sorry I can’t give you much info because I have not been there for a long time as I have stopped writing for them. As for the games – I doubt there is very much to look forward to.

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