“I see ghosts”

Since time immemorial, ghost stories have never failed to fascinate the masses. Parents would tell ghost stories to their children so they wouldn’t go hiding in places they shouldn’t be in the first place. Adults too – would tell these tales (sometimes “tall” to be exact) to scare people from entering a place they shouldn’t be in too – in the first place!

So the million dollar question – are there ghosts?

According to Buddhist beliefs – ghosts are the residual energy of a person. All of us are formed by a natural combination of energy. Or if you prefer – earth, fire, wind, water.

Puzzled? Don’t be.

Earth is our body – hard to the touch. Fire is the heat inside us. Those of us who are alive (not sure if ghosts can read blogs or not!) can feel the heat inside us. Next – water, know that over 80% of our body is composed of water. And finally wind – the air that we inhale and exhale. Suffice to say – we are composed of the four elements.

And one which most religions debate in. Call it soul, spirit, energy or whatever pleases you.

We call it the mind. Energy. We cannot see energy. Thus we cannot see the mind in the physical sense. But what we cannot see doesn’t mean it doesn’t exists. We know we have minds. Therefore our minds do exist.

According to Buddhism, when a person dies, all the four elements of earth, wind, fire and water expire too. Except the mind. Energy is continuous and does not die. In fact – it follows the law of attraction, and gets attracted to anything that existed in the mind of the person before his/her expiry.

So what about ghosts then? Ghosts are energy expedited through its energy forces. Most of the time, ghosts do not have an appearance like humans do. They are usually black shadows moving very quickly all about.

When I was in my twenties and back home in Segamat, Johor, I had a ghostly encounter.

Next to my parents’ house was a rubber estate. I remember collecting rubber seeds when I was a young child. Immediately after college I moved back home, hoping to secure a job. In the meantime, I just relaxed at home.

One morning at about 4.30am, I was awaken by this chilling, high pitched, garbled sound. It didn’t sound human. In fact – it wasn’t anything in this world at all. I immediately realized it was a ghostly sound emanating from the half-completed house next to my parents’.

After a couple of minutes, another sound appeared – also gibberish but somewhat like singing. And another much like a child’s voice but also hauntingly high pitched.

This din went on until about 5am, where the sounds of the Azan prayers came around and only then did the sounds disappear. Amazingly – the sounds appeared every morning around the same time, disappearing when the Azan prayers came around.

After about 3 months later – seances where held. Chinese mediums were called to appease these spirits, or ghosts. It seemed that before the rubber estate was to be developed into a new housing estate, there lived a squatter and his Thai wife. They were forcibly evicted. Rumours had it that the Thai wife was was skilled in the arcane arts and cursed the land by burying several bowls of skeletal remains of humans and animals. These were then dug up by the mediums in trance and removed according to Taoist rites.

Today, after nearly over 20 years, I have had no recollection of ever hearing those sounds again and never ever want to! Are they the residual energy of the dead?


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