Happy Father’s Day!

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. Malaysia, like the rest of the world, is going goo-goo gaga over the euphoria of celebrating Father’s Day. To me – every day is Father’s Day when I have the opportunity of spending some precious time with my two boys. That would not be possible as they are now in their grandparent’s place.

Anyway – I’d like to talk about my Father. He is perhaps, one of the most colourful person I have ever known. He is a Taekwon-do enthusiast, a rally driver having participated in numerous international rallies (chief amongst them the London to Sydney Rally in 1976), golf maniac and daredevil.

Daredevil? Yes – when he was 60, he skydived just to prove that people at his age could still pull off a stunt like that. And to boot that – he even scaled Mount Kinabalu, arriving at its peak grinning from ear to ear. Now that’s an achievement I don’t even think I can outdo.

I think the only interest we ever emulated was the spirit of driving fast. My younger brother, Edward is also a motosports freak, having participated in the Malaysian Millennium Endurance (MME) race in Sepang somewhere in 2000. My youngest sister June too, drives equally fast. And me – I’ve modified the racing spirit by taking to the hills, sidewinding whenever there’s a tight corner!

Dad was a school teacher. He was pretty strict, not only in school but at home. As a youngster, I was terrified by the sight of him. The school children were equally terrified when they see him walking around in school with a thick cane in his hand. I cannot count the number of school children who had probably suffered mild cardiac arrests when they see him!

Today, at 73, he still plays golf and exercises regularly at the gym. He relaxes by going to the club and having a drink with his mates.

To Dad, Happy Father’s Day! Wish I could be back home having dinner with you!

Happy Father's Day, Dad!
Happy Father's Day, Dad!

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