It’s the tough things in life that builds character

I brought my two sons home to Segamat on 31st May 2009. On the same day itself two things happened. First was my car, which failed to start after I stopped to let my sons ease themselves in Gemas. My trusty car just gave up on me. I called Dad and he got a mechanic to come by later to look at the car. He tinkered with the starter and somehow – it started. And we continued onwards to Segamat.

Later that same evening, I brought my children to the park at the back of my parent’s house. It is a nice, breezy park and I figured that my children could do with some workout.

Glen, my youngest is truly a daredevil and in a way, a chip off the old block. He had a go at the monkey bars and halfway through, decided to release his grip on the bar and fall to the ground. Or so he thought. He landed on his elbow and dislocated it. Poor thing. I was at first miffed because how could he have pulled a stunt like that. But upon retrospection – I realised the stunts I did when I was his age were even more dangerous.

I immediately brought him to see a Chinese Traditional Chiropractor. The first thing he did was to pull the dislocated elbow back into place and that made Glen, my son holler as if he was being slaughtered. Ouch! I know the pain is incredible and my heart goes out to him.

After the treatment
After the treatment

This chiropractor, Mr Wong (not to be confused with the Wong Fei Hung) is really very good. He applied his own herbal concoction on Glen’s elbow and later wrapped it up with some foul-smelling herbs. He also gave Glen some medicine to help quell the swelling and help the blood circulate better.

Sure I was angry at that time but it taught me a lesson. Glen has my adventurous spirit. He has a love for life and I shouldn’t allow small things like this from stopping him shape his character. It’s the tough things that build a person’s character!

I just hope he doesn’t have a passion for fast cars like I do!

At Segamat Airstrip
At Segamat Airstrip
Walking Tall
Walking Tall

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