Inner Silence

Before 7am in Sepang Goldcoast when beauty reveals itself
Before 7am in Sepang Goldcoast when beauty reveals itself

In every one of us, there’s a time when we need to envelope ourselves in inner silence, surrounded within its inner beauty that unleashes the voice that’s unheard. Because of our daily routine, rushing here and there to eke a living – we fail to listen to ourselves. Therein lies our problem. We fall sick, get depressed, experience mental conflicts and eventually succumb to the the madding sensory world.

Most of us have the luxury of the five senses. We take for granted our sense of sight, hearing, tasting, touching and smell. However – if we allow these senses to overcome us – we will be ill, not only physically but mentally.

Inner silence is the nature of letting go. I’ve had the good karma of being led to meditation. When I was in my twenties, and leading a life of partying – I allowed my senses to overcome me. One day, more than 14 years ago -and on a Saturday, I awoke and wondered what I was doing.

That was the day my life as a party animal was going to be over.

I decided to learn how to meditate. Vipassana Meditation to be exact.  had no clue whatsoever what that was when  walked into the Bhavana Vihara (meditation hall) in Brickfields Temple that night. My teacher, Brother Chee is a good master. He really taught me a lot of things, especially about inner silence.

It is the voice of nature unfolding in every one of us. It is going back to oneself, reflecting on the true nature of the ‘self’. In silence, the only sound you can hear is the madding hustle and bustle of our planning, worries, fears, joys, happiness and more, more, more. Vipassana meditation teaches you to calm yourself and see things as they really are.

I’m glad I learned that because it has helped me overcome the greatest crisis I’ve ever faced last year.

These pictures were taken in Sepang Goldcoast again when I was there to inspect the sites. In the early morning, I went for a walk and the inner silence was overwhelming. Nothing in this world can compare to the beauty of listening to your heart, working seamlessly with nature.

Beauty is in nature
Beauty is in nature

There is nothing more rewarding than just listening to that inner voice in the wee hours of the morning. In Vipassana meditation, we note every sense impulse as it arises. We note it as positive, neutral or negative. We allow it to rear its head but by just looking at it, seeing its nature – we are able to understand it, for we are actually understanding ourselves.

Ahhh – I must be getting philosophical but I am beginning to revel in life. I am always excited and looking forward to tomorrow. Today shape my tomorrows. And my tomorrows are a product of what I have done today.

Truly a beautiful experience
Truly a beautiful experience

May all beings be well and happy. May all beings be free from physical and mental suffering.

Adrena – this is also for you. May your sufferings come to an end and may you enjoy the best of what life has to offer you from now on.


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