Things you thought you knew about traditional Chinese medicine

Darn…this is my second time having a go at this post. The first was when I was writing it this afternoon and a thunderstorm came out of nowhere, and the fiery lightning blew the fusebox. Along with it flew my first posting.

Anyway – traditional medicine has almost a rich 2,000 years of history. Not the usual stuff like acupuncture where the therapist happily poke really sharp needles into certain parts of your body.

I’m writing this because of my English friend’s problem with her weak knees. She’s only 46 and she will be undergoing an x-ray soon to see what’s wrong with her knees. Nope – she wasn’t an Elvis wannabe back in the heydays. Or was a limbo rock aspirant. It’s due to the process of growing old. But there are ways to prevent this from happening.

First – try not to eat vegetables which are WHITE in colour. Examples are white cabbage, white turnips, and err…as long as the vegetables are white. And why? Because the Chinese believe they are “YIN” (as in Yin and Yang). They are negative in nature and tend to accelerate ailments like Asthma, Bronchitis, Sinusitis (Sinus), chronic coughs and so forth.

Also – do try to avoid fried stuff. I know, I know – my mum used to tell me that I should avoid fried foods but I guess I just love them. These days, I detox once a week. I brew Japanese Green Tea, thanks to Uncle Johnny who brought them back for me from Japan. I complement that with a sizeable portion of fresh fruits. Dragon fruit, apple, oranges and papaya. All you need is 2 hours max. You’ll go running into the dunny (Australian slang for Toilet). It’s great for clearing the sludge of your colon.

Singboard extolling the many benefits of Lingzhi
Singboard extolling the many benefits of Lingzhi

Back to the traditional Chinese medicine topic. Ginseng is a “Yang” food. And so is Lingzhi. What? Actually, Lingzhi is a kind of mushroom. There’s a farm in Tanjung Sepat, about 15 mins drive from Sepang Goldcoast that cultivates mushroom and Lingzhi in plastic bags. They are then harvested and sold fresh. Prices range from RM5 per packet of pearl mushrooms to RM15 per packet of Monkey Head Mushroom.

Lingzhi helps blood circulate better. It also helps detox the body and revitalises the body. So if you have knee problems – take Lingzhi. Another great remedy is Tongkat Ali. Aha…men will attest by it for its libido-enhancing properties. Frankly – it does help in that area but it is also consumed because it is thought to alleviate joint problems.

Sifu David Mun, who loves to call me his “son” is one of the best Chinese Herbalist and TCM practitioner. He has a practice in Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur. He is known as the “God of Healers” to many as people from as far from Hongkong, Korea, Europe flock to consult him. His herbal concoctions doesn’t come cheap. However – they are effective. My son Ian has sinus problems and Sifu David Mun’s preparation actually helped him get better!

A few years ago he told me that to help a child get better – you have to starve him. Well, not starving him per se but to only feed him white porridge and nothing else for a week. Now, before you start getting ideas calling Amnesty International or whatever human rights body – hear me out.

His rationale is white porridge serves to detox the child’s body. Urban children nowadays live on a fried food, fast food and junk food diet. Not to mention the ice creams and fizzy cola drinks. So it’s the white porridge that get rids of the junk it leaves behind in your child’s body. Secondly – after one week it is hoped that your child will lose his/her craving for junk food. To me, it’s either the child goes berserk or is in a state of near starvation.

Nope – none of my children underwent this “shaolin temple” regime. Maybe it’s because we couldn’t bear to see them crawling asking for food. Hmmm…we spoil the kids, don’t we?

I found out a few years earlier that we need to at least detox our skin, and body at least once a week. We can do this by using ‘lulur”, an Indonesian preparation consisting herbs and phyto-organic ingredients. It is then applied on the body and scrubbed clean. You don’t need to go to the Spa which usually cost you your arm or your leg. Just go to your nearest pharmacy and get any body scrub. After the scrub – apply a good body lotion and you’re on your way to looking younger. Hopefully.

And no – I’m not a spa addict. And neither am I in that “metro-sexual” category. I am just a simple, down-to-earth man who knows how to take care of his skin. And health to an extent. For foot scrub – just have a go at my foot scrub posting. I cannot reveal the name of this gentleman for fear of getting a stinker of an email from him. Hahaha.


3 thoughts on “Things you thought you knew about traditional Chinese medicine

  1. Just go on a 3-day half-fast (can drink, but cannot eat) and your body will be in a detox state and the toxins will start to be released from your body. During this 3-day fast, you can drink lots of water to purge out the toxins. Save some money in the process …

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